Bazinga: DU to Become an Autonomous Institute Says DU Dean

Keeping in mind the New Education Policy 2020, the Dean of Colleges said that the DU is on its course to become fully autonomous by 2024.

During a webinar with the Economics Society of a North Campus College, Dr Kishor Lal Bharti, Dean of Colleges DU said that as per the broad framework laid out by the New Education Policy, the University intends to reduce its dependence on central funding and move away from the UGC by becoming fully autonomous by 2024. This move, he said, will mean that the University will now have complete flexibility to decide on admissions, examinations, intake of students and the reservation of students from scheduled castes, tribes and economically backward sections in its courses.

Running such a big university is a tedious task and the fact of the matter is that a one-size-fits-all policy cannot be applied here. However, the UGC in its efforts to keep similar policies across all universities ends up doing more harm than good. A University, especially one of DU’s size, should have the liberty to choose for itself and the NEP has allowed us to get it.

Said DU Dean

On being asked about the possibility of rise in tuition costs for students, he said:

That is completely okay, most students are anyway paying no more than ten to fifteen thousand rupees. That is nuts in today’s economy, especially because most students in DU come from affluent households and take the University for granted since they barely spend any money. Increasing the fee would allow them to value the education they receive here and make better use of the opportunities we provide. A greater revenue in terms of tuition fee would also allow us to make better investments in terms of infrastructure that have been pending for a really long time.

Dr Bharti continued

Various student organisations have raised concerns with respect to the possibility of inaccessibility of higher education due to greater economic costs because of transition into autonomous institutes. This move will surely lead to DU becoming a place where merit takes a backseat to financial status.

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Khush Vardhan Dembla