The Auburn Umbrella

Auburn Umbrella: Comfort Dressing at Home

Getting dressed for at-home days can be a task but sometimes it can prepare you for the day ahead. Here’s what you should remember – comfort dressing is the way out.

While you are scrolling down that influencer’s feed and looking at them make these amazing quarantine fashion videos, don’t worry. With work from home and virtual lectures expanding, fashion has gotten quirky and creative. However, despite all of Instagram’s OOTDs and trends, comfortable clothing is what, that still, tops the list.

Not physically being in public spaces or college led to a style that’s a little more casual (read lazy) and relaxed. The past couple of months saw the pajama-life take over the game – unless, of course, you’re one of those rare people who still managed to put on a pair of jeans.

Our outfits, even if they are at-home looks, reflect our varying personalities and moods. And there are no hard and fast rules for dressing at home. The trick is quite simple – wear anything that can lift your spirits and put you in a positive mindset, ready to cross items off that day’s to-do list. Whether it’s completing an internship task or attending classes, t-shirts with pajamas or boxers quickly emerged as crowd favorites.

Baggy tees and lightweight joggers fit best for the online lecture to Netflix transition. Loose fit bottoms with pockets that are perfect for stashing chocolates, chips, and snacks for your binge time. And when you feel as though you’ve been living in the same for a week straight, trade-in your T-shirt for a statement top that can make you feel more pulled-together than the day before.

For days when your hair looks a little better, put on a nice kurta or shirt, and maybe open your camera for the online lecture, what say? Jumpsuits or palazzos can be another option for dressier days. It gives that glam of wearing a statement piece while staying at the comfort of PJs.

Getting dressed doesn’t have to be fancy. Just a nice bath and fresh clothes, in most cases, can make you feel motivated for the day. For some, slipping into a dress or matching night suit is both comfortable and comforting, giving shape to an otherwise formless day. For others, it’s small things, like a pair of hoops or colorful socks, that brighten up their mundane mornings.

Having nothing to dress up for, except maybe a virtual date or a home workout, our desire to put on an actual ‘outfit’ largely disappeared. And while you are washing utensils or cleaning the house amid the pandemic, dressing up probably feels strange and oftentimes totally unnecessary. Despite this, getting dressed as a part of a normal routine can help you manage COVID-related anxiety.

With winters almost at arrival, you should also dig out your hoodies and sweatshirts to stay warm and cozy. A hoodie is probably the most comfortable thing to wear when you have to sit through hours of classes and yet stay energetic to pay attention. A cardigan can retain the same warmth with well-ventilated quality. Comfy enough to wear with track pants, and elevated enough to pair with more tailored looks for quick grocery runs or video calls.

We’ve all cleaned our cupboards in these months and found clothes whose existence was almost forgotten. Graphic t-shirts, dresses, and lowers – a bunch of these must-have filled your old trunks. Now would be the right time to wear them all, one last time. If it doesn’t fit you anymore, best spare them out and donate!

Aishwaryaa Kunwar