Anurag Singh: Student from ARSD College All Set for Trans Sahayadri Expedition

Anurag Singh, a 19-year-old student from Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, Delhi University is all set for Trans Sahayadri Trek in which he plans to cross the entire range, entering from Nasik in the North and Exiting from Satara in its South.

Trans Sahayadri which is known for its rocky terrain and steep valleys has slopes having an inclination of 60-70 Degrees. Situated in Maharashtra, it forms a part of the most exciting and difficult treks. Anurag Singh, who has been exploring Mountains from the age of 15, plans on covering a distance of 425 Km and crossing the entire Sahayadri range in a period of 24 days.

The young enthusiast who is on a transformation phase from a trekker to a mountaineer has completed a total of 25 treks, most of which have been completed by him all alone. “One of the greatest challenges of following the alpine mode of climbing, that is climbing alone without any team, is to find the route or trail,” he said.

Sahayadri was on his list for two years and it was just ten days back when he decided on finalizing and beginning with it on 22nd August. “The spread of the pandemic has doubled the difficulty rate. Due to the lockdowns and regulated movement of people, nobody has visited these zones since the last six months, as a result of which there is an increased danger of animal attack.”, he told.

The areas of Bhimshankar, Rajmachhi, and Rajgad which form a part of his 24 days journey are highly prone to Leopards and attacks from venomous snakes such as Cobra and Krait. The ongoing monsoon has made the journey even more strenuous as the increased vegetation cover camouflages the trail for trekkers. Despite all the additional strains and discomforts, the 19-year-old is determined to make it through. He plans on entering the range from North and exiting from its South.

“I was consumed by wanderlust since childhood. Whenever I felt down or went through a difficult day I went to the nearest Railway Station and watched the trains, ” he explains. Talking about his fascination for nature, he detailed upon how walking with shoes covered in snow or on lands submerged with greenery all alone is one hell of a task but provides him with an incomparable peace of mind.

The young climber and trekker is also the founder and president of the mountaineering club of his college, Atma Ram Santhan Dharma College, wherein he organizes a trek at the end of every semester for its members. Helping students learn the art of climbing he is inspiring and motivating several other passionate souls like him. When asked about his most memorable trek he explains his journey of ‘Chadar Trek’, which in his words for him is like “the Virat Kohli of Cricket”. Over there he crossed 110KM of the frozen river and dealt with an extreme temperature of -37 degree Celsius.

Being a strong believer in “climbing without worrying about reaching the summit” is what keeps him going. “Standing at the top doesn’t matter much, what matters is your affection towards the mountains and you worshipping its greatness. I surrender myself to the mountain before taking my first step to climb”, he says.

He is a true inspiration for the youth and is serving as the rightful motivation for the students to achieve the extraordinary. The entire team of DU Beat wishes you all the luck for Trans Sahayadri and is certain of you bringing back glory to the country.

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