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Ramjas Hostel Orders Students to Vacate Hostel

With the new session academic commencing from today, The Ramjas hostel authorities have ordered students to vacate the hostel. Students and the SFI (Student Federation of India) Ramjas Unit rise up in protest against the orders.

In a notice dated on 6th August, residents of the Ramjas boys and girls hostel have been ordered to vacate their rooms latest by 17th August. This move which effectively gives students just 10 days to vacate and go back home or come to Delhi to take their belongings was per the decision of the “Hostel Committee Meeting” held on 5th August. The notice states that since the current session has ended and the availability of seats in the Hostel has already been reported to DU.

This move follows a spate of anti-student moves by various hostels throughout DU trying to forcefully vacate students from the hostel, with other institutes such as Department of Social Work and St. Stephens also coming up with similar orders to vacate hostel during a pandemic. Students of Ramjas have come together against this decision. 

“decision taken without consultation with students which doesn’t take into consideration the fact that many parts of the country are still under lockdown in unfair.”

states an email sent by the SFI Ramjas Unit to the authorities which was shared with DU Beat

The SFI Ramjas Unit also contends that students shouldn’t be forced to vacate a hostel during a pandemic. Taking into account that the admission process and the new sessions for to-be first years hasn’t even started, having this move right now makes even less sense.

SFI demands that the notice is taken back without any delay and also says that the suggestions made by students to start the process to vacate the hostel once the Hostel admission process has started.

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Prabhanu Kumar Das


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