Open Letter to My Fresher Self

Dear Foetus Aditi

Allow me to emphasise on the fact that you indeed are just a foetus right now. Today is supposed to be your first day of college and yes, I understand that you’re all grown up, and you’re very mature and you did take the metro, all by yourself, to college from home, which definitely makes you very independent as well, but hold on for a second and take a breath. I know, right now you think you’re bold but five minutes into college you’re going to start missing your old school, and your friends, and your mom. But, it’s okay insert smiley face.

Spoiler alert, your first month in college is going to be terrible. Maybe even the next two. You’ll have tons of lectures, with barely five minutes to travel from one end of the college to the other. The professors are not going to cut you any slack and bury you under piles of assignments. You’ll score terribly in your initial internals and nobody is going to remember that you were the school topper. Even your societies are going to be ruthless. First, rejection from your desired society is going to bring down your morale, then the absolute commitment to the society you do join will push up your anxiety. Sounds like a hellhole, doesn’t it? But, it’s okay.

You don’t need to worry about barely passing your classes or not excelling in your societies or failing to get internships. College appears overwhelming; people around you seem intimidating; and you feel weak. But you’re not. You’re only human. And it’s okay.

Knowing you, you’re going to freak out about missing lectures and meeting deadlines. Don’t. Please, just bunk a lecture and go visit the Tughlaqabad Fort with your new friends; or even alone. Delhi’s weather isn’t very welcoming for too long. Enjoy it while you can. And please don’t record or ask your classmates to record hour-long lectures that you’re never going to listen to. Trust me, in the end you’re only going to spiral over borrowed notes and YouTube lessons. AND IT’LL BE ENOUGH!

College isn’t going to be as glorious as you might’ve imagined it to be. This isn’t the US; you’re not going to any frat parties. You aren’t going to run into some nerdy cute boy at a bookstore who reaches out for the same book as you at the same time while your fingers brush over each other’s ever so lightly but just enough to establish that love-at-first-touch connection; you’re not the protagonist of any rom-com either. You’re a student of the Delhi University and you will need to create your own humble memories.

I believe all of us paint this image of college in our brains which fails to correspond to reality. We build high expectations and face anxiety and distress when these aren’t met, but I think it’s imperative to understand and accept that college is just one step closer to your entering the real world, and the real world is difficult and unforgiving. College is just a platform for you to prepare yourself for this world.

Yes, you will be spending hours on the metro finishing assignments; countless evenings at tapris sipping chai, hogging your friends’ Maggi and finishing more assignments; multiple lectures, just sleeping, because your sleeping schedule is obviously a wreck, but believe me, these will become some of your favourite memories of college.

Look, foetus Aditi, you have a lot of growing up to do. You will have to participate in political debates, often against your own friends and family. You will have to make decisions and fight for what is right. You will work hard and I know for a fact that you will definitely be proud of yourself.

Quick warning- by the middle of the second semester, the world will face a global pandemic and we’ll all be under a lockdown for… well, it’s been over four months already. I don’t know when college is going to reopen, but I do know I miss it a lot. So remember, embrace your college life and try making the most out of it.

Big warm hugs,
Aditi from the future

P.S. If you run into that cute guy at the metro station, GO SAY HI! You won’t see him again.

Featured Image Credits: Navya Jindal for DU Beat

Aditi Gutgutia



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