Dyal Singh College Principal Accused of Plagiarism

Accused of plagiarising his 2016 book ‘Training and Development’, Principal Pawan Sharma maintains the allegations against him are fabricated.

Former Vice-Chancellor of Jharkhand’s Sido Kanhu Murmu University M Basheer Ahmed Khan lodged a complaint with the DU’s Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi, on the grounds that his works have been plagiarized by Pawan Sharma, Principal of Dyal Singh (Evening) College. He claimed that appropriate action must be taken against the accused. Sharma has been found guilty of plagiarism by a committee appointed by the college- subsequently; the report was submitted to DU officials for further action. Sharma, however, was granted a one-month extension of his tenure which had ended on July 26 due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. Sharma is firmly of the opinion that the allegations against him are fabricated and continues to maintain his academic integrity.

Khan, who has also served as the former Dean of the School of Management at Pondicherry University, wrote a letter to DU VC on August 3rd. He said,

“Nearly 12 years ago, around 2008, when I was working as the Head of the Department of Management Studies in the Pondicherry University, the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) of Pondicherry University appointed me as a textbook and teaching material writer for subject training and development for their DDE Management programs. I carried out the assigned task and submitted my manuscript to the Directorate of Distance Education of the said university. The Pondicherry University in turn printed and published the material with copyright reserved to the author.”

“It seems that one Principal of a college under Delhi University, Professor Dr Pawan Kumar Sharma, has come out with a book in 2016 titled ‘Training and Development’ published by Galgotia Publishing Company. Some academics had gone through the publication of Dr Sharma and my work for the Pondicherry University. They found several similarities in the content of the two books. Suspecting plagiarism and unethical practices, those academics reported the matter to the Chairman of the Governing Board of Dyal Singh College (Evening), DU,” he went on to claim.

The committee appointed by the governing board “unanimously submitted a report in which it is mentioned that Principal P K Sharma has copied line by line and word by word material from my work without even acknowledging my work anywhere including in references or bibliography”. Khan further wrote, “This is tantamount to plagiarism which is an offence liable for action under the rules of DU. It may not be debated if plagiarism has taken place, appropriate action has to be taken on the plagiarist.

Therefore, I am now lodging this official complaint with the University of Delhi to cross check the matter and take cognizance in the event of any plagiarism or similar offences”. 

He concluded, “Delhi University may take appropriate necessary action against the plagiarist based on the Report of the Committee appointed by it. I fervently hope that the University will be pleased to render justice to me for the violation of my intellectual property right.” 

In an interview to The Sunday Express, Rajiv Nayan, the Chairman of the Governing Body had told The that “A three-member committee headed by Professor Brajesh Chaudhary of DU’s Department of Physics and Astrophysics had been formed to look into the matter. The other two members of the committee were from outside the university.”

The report submitted by the GB concluded that Pawan Sharma “not only plagiarized the book almost completely from publicly available sources but also, at most of the places, has copied them line-by-line, word-by-word… In this case, with evidence of such a high degree of plagiarism, it is clear that Prof Sharma has shown complete disregard for academic honesty and integrity “Further action(s) that are to be taken against Pawan Sharma by the University of Delhi is yet to be decided.

Featured Image Credits – Hindustan Times

Ishatva Rajeev