DU Professor Dr Apoorvanand Interrogated By Delhi Police

Dr Apoorvanand from the Faculty of Arts, Delhi University was questioned by the Special Cell of Delhi Police for over five hours, regarding Delhi Riots.

On 3rd August 2020, Dr Apoorvanand – a faculty of the Hindi Department of Delhi University (DU) was quizzed by the Delhi Police regarding the North East Delhi riots earlier this year.

He was summoned by the special cell of Delhi Police and appeared before it under the registered FIR- 59/20. Later, the spouse of Dr Apporvanand- Purwa Bharadwaj, shared a statement on Facebook on his behalf on 4th August 2020. In the statement, Mr Apporvanand highlighted that he was grilled by the Special Cell for about 5 hours. He also stated that his phone was seized during the investigation.

This is the same FIR in which Jamia Coordination Committee media coordinator Safoora Zargar was also accused of rioting and conspiracy. The FIR also encompasses the sections of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act ( UAPA).

The FIR was registered on March 6, 2020, based on a complaint by Sub Inspector Arvind Kumar posted in Crime Branch. Former Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU) student Umar Khalid and another person named Danish are named accused in the document.

For the purpose of arranging for people to indulge in violence during the riots, one Danish, a resident of Bhajanpura, was given the responsibility,” as reported by The Hindu.

As per reports, the FIR revealed that the riots in Delhi that killed almost 53 people were pre-planned. Reportedly, the FIR stated that Arvind Kumar was told by an informer that the riots which broke out in Delhi on February 23-25 were a part of a conspiracy. The informer had alleged that the riots were planned by Umar Khalid and his associates. He claimed that Mr Khalid gave inflammatory speeches at different locations and instigated people to flock streets

Dr Apoorvanand was earlier summoned to appear on the Lodhi Road Office of the Special Cell in connection with a case of Delhi Riots of February 2020.

 In his press release statement, he highlighted that he cooperated and respected the rights of Police authorities during the investigation. He hoped that the investigation would focus on the real perpetrators of the violence that erupted in North East Delhi. Dr Apoorvanand also stated that the interrogation should not lead to the harassment of the protestors who expressed dissent against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) etc. He stated that the police should employ free and fair means to find the real instigators in the crime.

Dr Apoorvanand is a renowned academician, besides writing in Hindi, he writes in English too. He is known for his free political commentary. His best known published works are – Sundar Ka Swapna and Sahitya Ka Ekant.

Feature Image Credits: The Quint

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