An Open Letter to Friend(s) Whom I Didn’t Wish a ‘Happy Friendship Day’

This letter is for those who in today’s world of better connectivity have somewhere, sometime just sailed away from long cherished friendships.

Dear friend(s),

Hoping that you still count me as one, how are you? Long time no see, text or call. Well, what can we say? We’ve all been busy finding the vaccine, right? So, first of all, a belated Happy Friendship Day. May God give you happiness, and success. I wish for you my friend only the best. ???

Now, that wishing and all the pleasantries are over, you must wonder ‘Why’. Why all of a sudden? Well, because I needed to. Just yesterday, as I was cleaning my bookshelf, I found an old, dirty friendship band stuck behind my Harry Potter series. I don’t remember who gave it to me, but I felt the same joy and excitement then, which I felt on the day it was slid on my wrist. And the best part – it is one of the glow in the dark ones. It is not as radiant as it used to be, just like our friendship. But, it still exudes the same warmth and love, just like our friendship.

As I am writing this letter, I can’t help but wonder when was it that we stopped talking or tagging each other in memes or at least wishing each other on birthdays and on these friendship days? I can’t pinpoint a day or month. I think it was gradual and mutual, that’s what made us unaffected. As we kept turning the pages of our lives, we just kept drifting with the stories, losing out on how the previous chapters made us feel. That’s just growing up, right. Words silenced by worries, distances widened enough to be difficult to overcome. All of it happens for a reason, they say. I wished this ‘reason’ they all talk about didn’t apply to us, especially our relationship. But, it did.

Anyways, along with the heartfelt wish, thank you for everything. Thank you for all those laughs, fights, mischiefs, and every small or big adventure. Thank you for being my friend and making life more beautiful. Thank you for making me who I am today. I would just like to tell you that on the other end is the same person, you made all those memories with. The ‘Goofi’ness, the agility to ‘Duck’ problems together and whistle away all our worries like ‘Mickey’ – sigh those were the days. Although, I must admit that I might have grown a tad length – wise and breadth – wise and changed my music taste for the better, I have more or less withstood the other winds life brought with itself.

I miss you; not a ‘lot lot’, but I do miss you. So, hit me up, if you want to. Do not take this letter as an obligation to reconnect. I would have called you myself, but seeing you smile and living to the fullest, in those photos you post makes me wonder whether or not you want to revisit those old moments and friends. Hit me up if you just want to. I would totally give up binge – watching any web series and start a ‘Yaad Hai (Do you remember?)’ series with you.

Happy Friendship Day again and remember in a terrible E.T. voice I’ll…be…right…here.


Your long lost friend

P. S. Could you please buy me a glow in the dark band if ever we meet?

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Ipshika Ghosh



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