Sang: Bringing Back Smiles Erased by the Pandemic

Sang, an NGO aiming to empower those shattered by COVID-19, has impacted the lives of thousands of people and exemplified the power beheld by the youth.

Sang, an NGO founded by the Young India Fellows from Ashoka University and the members of Project Noor, aims to provide relief to the communities hit severely by the nationwide lockdown. The organization with its motto of “locking down hunger together” has impacted the lives of 24000+ people. Sang provides them with essentials and dry rations such as chana, daal, rice, etc.

The NGO began with focusing on the daily wage laborers from North and North-East India and is now catering to the needs of a diverse group of people including refugees, kids and women abandoned or left alone due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With a diligent and socially aware team of 602+ people, the organization has offered a helping hand to the communities across Delhi-NCR, and in areas like Khyber Pass, Vidhan Sabha, MajnukaTila, Badarpur, and Bhatti Mines. They have further expanded their efforts to reach to the people in remote locations of Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh.

“We and our volunteers care. We have had a first-hand experience of the suffering that these communities felt and dealt with even before the lockdown. Now it is worse. Our hearts go out to those running the risk of starvation, domestic abuse, and other issues, but the lockdown precludes us from supporting them first-hand. We have thus kick-started this initiative. The world needs our love and support more than ever before, and we need to let it flow”

Founding team, Sang

The members of the organization recently received a grant of INR 14 Lakhs from Godrej Industries, to aid provide ration and basic amenities such as sanitary pads, sanitizers, and masks to the people affected adversely by the pandemic. The organization with this grant is in a process of impacting 12000+ lives across nine different locations.

“For us, an initiative just 3 months old, to get this huge grant is the testament of how people and organizations collectively contribute their bit, especially during the ongoing pandemic.”,

Prachi, Communications Team, Sang.

The NGO, with its distinctive verification process of every request of help received, makes sure of the effective utilization of the funds and avoids the duplication of the aid provided. For a request from a single family, verification is done through calls and other forms of telecommunication. For appeals from multiple families of a community, a representative of the team is sent to the community.

The relief kits provided by Sang consist of a mix of food staples (rice, wheat, oil, masoor dal, chana) soap, masks, and sanitary pads. The kits are customized as per the size and needs of the family. Milk and other essentials for infants and young children are provided along with the rest, as per the requester’s needs. Since its inception, the organization has delivered these kits to approximately 23,000 individuals and 3500+ families.

The NGO, considering the mental health crisis and a terrible loss of emotional well-being caused by the virus, is also moving towards providing rehabilitation services. The strong volunteer base from the colleges of Delhi University and the alumni of Young Indian fellows has made the NGO provide women with counseling, and legal and medical support. It has collaborated with 50+ relief foundations such as Little India Foundation, Delhi Youth Welfare Association, Peepul, and many others to bring back the smiles of the people worst hit by the backlash of COVID-19.

The exuberant team also contributes to spreading awareness about the issues impacting Indian women at large. It talks about the awful clenches of patriarchy and internalized misogyny which hushes the women and forces her to normalize every abuse she encounters in her life. Madhavi Menon, director CSGS, and a professor at Ashoka University talked candidly and detailed upon this issue in a video posted upon their Instagram handle, @sang_covid19. Spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene, Sang has distributed free sanitary pads and napkins amongst the menstruating women.

Organizations like these are imperative for busting the taboos and for making this world liveable for every existent human being. With their extraordinary work, the team of Sang has not only added a spark to the lives of the people directly involved, but have also inspired the youth to be selfless and think at a deeper level.

Feature Image Credits: Sang

Kriti Gupta