Admission Season

Busting the Myths about DU Off-Campus Colleges

With the admission season going on Delhi University and its associated myths are a common talk amongst students. However, when these start affecting the students on a personal level that’s where problems step in. Considering the same, we at DU Beat, have tried exposing the reality behind the rumours associated with DU off-campus colleges.

Myth: Off campus colleges hold no value.
Truth: The final degree received does not mention the name of the college you graduated from. Hence, whether your college is a part of the campus or not it wouldn’t be disclosed on your official degree sheet. Nevertheless, every college of Delhi University holds equal value, it’s the University name and your personal grades which matters on a bigger level.

Myth: The faculty of campus colleges is better than those in off-campus colleges.
Truth: The qualification criteria for every teacher seeking job in Delhi University remains the same irrespective of the college they are applying to. Every change in the selection criteria for teachers holds applicable for every Delhi University college. Hence, just like every educational institution non-campus colleges have a certain set of teachers who receive positive feedbacks and the others with a relatively moderate feedback.

Myth: Cultural and academic societies of campus colleges are more active and provide a greater exposure than off-campus colleges.
Truth: In selection of the top 2020 societies by DU Beat, a total of six off-campus societies got the first, second and third positions in varying categories. Aurobindo College, Institute of Home Economics and Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies got the first position in western dance, fashion and debating respectively. The non functioning and the limited exposure of the off-campus cultural and academic organisations might hold relevance in past but at present they are doing equal and at some place even better then the campus colleges.

Myth: Infrastructure of off-campus colleges is disappointing.
Truth: Delhi University and good infrastructure are like two parallel lines which never meet. Yet, if its about comparison in between campus and non campus colleges, it holds no ground. Many campus colleges for instance Maitreyi lack a proper auditorium while the students of off-campus colleges like Maharaja Agrasen and many others are blessed with air conditioned and well equipped audis. A university where having more than one stair case for a floor is a luxury Mata Sundari has a functioning lift.

Myth: Off-campus colleges don’t have the DU feels.
Truth: This is partially true as being located in areas which are quite far from the other DU colleges students might miss upon fests, protests and elections. But, then our dearest Delhi Metro provides unbiased transport medium for everyone to reach their desired destination. Also, being located in relatively isolated locations these colleges away from the routine hustle bustle offer a greater amount of peace which supplements mental comfort.

In a present where mental pressure and cut offs are competing for a higher position, getting admitted into Delhi University is an achievement in itself. In the end it’s your efforts which make you climb or fall not the college, not the campus.

Featured Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Kriti Gupta 

[email protected]