High Court Orders DU to Issue Degree Certificates, Mark Sheets Online

A few days after University of Delhi claims that delay in issuing degree certificates is due to lack of quality printing paper, High Court directs DU to furnish them virtually. Will DU mend its ways in the students and graduates favour?

On 23rd July, the Delhi High Court had ordered the University of Delhi to issue degree certificates, mark sheets and other required transcripts online. HC urged the university to adopt quick steps to create a protocol with pre-installed security features to ensure the confidentiality of data within the server. During the lockdown period, it is a given that students find it difficult to approach the administration and request for a provisional certificate via the physical interface. At the same time, there are thousands of DU students who are awaiting their degree transcripts. This delay is unarguably a major threat to students as it poses hurdles on their higher studies. Many students had expressed their grievances concerning the issue through both online and offline channels. It is indeed shaming that a Central University like DU with thousands of aspirants and applicants per year, fails to serve the basic purpose of the university.

“I had lost hope in the university. There is zero clarity regarding our final exams and thus there is this unprecedented fog that blocks the view towards our future. Apart from that the thought of the degree certificate further bothers us deeply. DU must mend its ways and realize the different things that are at stake. No batch should ever suffer from a situation like this.

Anne Mary Shaju, 3rd year BA(hons) History, Jesus and Mary College

The hearing which took place on Thursday aimed to address the petition filed by a group of 5 doctors who had graduated from Faculty of Medical Studies, the University of Delhi during 2018. They require the certificates with immediate effect to complete their application to the United States Medical Licensing Examination. As a compensating measure, Justice Prathiba Singh issued a notice to National Academic Depository (NAD) which acts as a database of academic awards given by the Central Government. Justice Singh asked NAD to provide support to DU in the process and deployed the IT department of Delhi high Court for expert technical assistance. Justice added, “I do not want the doctors to come to DU in any manner, so you email them their degrees.” (As reported by The Hindu). It was further mentioned that doctors, whose service is much needed at this COVID-19 situation must not be troubled with their degree certificates in these trying times.

“It’s really unfortunate that the delusion of digital India still prevails. It took the exceptional situation owing to COVID-19 to switch to digital degree certificates. However, the provision for printed degrees should not be withdrawn, given the slow speed of transition.”

-Prof. Gaurav Bhattacharya, Gargi College

Taking note of the crisis, Joint Director of DU Computer Centre, Sanjeev Singh had promised to bring forth the protocol and other provision within the next five days. The High Court suggested the varsity to take sufficient practical measures with immediate effect and set up an e-cell for students to convey their queries and grievances regarding their degree certificates. The court said that no student shall ever have to approach any court to get their degree certificates, thus giving its ultimatum to the University. Stressing that DU must take steps towards elimination of inconvenience to students, HC mentioned that many universities had already successfully set up a special unit to carry out similar procedures.

“I think such a situation makes us rethink about our choice. We are definitely pursuing DU for UG since the degree certificate that we get at the end of the 3 years has more value than the rest of the colleges that we consider. But not being able to have a valid certificate can pose difficulties in future. Amidst all the problems, I would still choose DU since ‘what I learn ‘ and ‘where I learn it from’ are both important.”

a DU aspirant said, on the condition of anonymity.

We see trust of the aspirants and the importance they give to the University. Although what lies ahead is unpredictable, this might light up a new stream of thought and anxiety in the minds of students and aspirants. It marks a reminder that every DU student had concentrated their faith and future on the University and failing them would severely damage and cause a permanent affliction to either side.

Featured Image credits: The Hindu

Vaishnavi Varier