Admission Season

Hamara Pyaara DU:A Senior’s Guide for DU Freshers

As the thousands of freshers are about to enter our ‘famed’ Delhi University (DU), here is a list of what to and what not to expect from your college life. Read on to find out.

The famed college life is a dream in our nation that many college students are yet to achieve. However, these expectations often make your college life much less enjoyable as you forget the little joys.

During this admission season, which is just about the corner and nearly two months late (thanks, Covid), I cannot help but remember my admission time last year. Wherein just like everybody, I also had my mind full of expectations and dreams about a new dawn in my life.

Below are some expectations that we often cloud our minds with and corresponding to them are the realities, so that you know what to expect out of our beloved Delhi University.

Expectation: I will wear the best clothes and everyone look at me all the time.

Reality: Your appearance is important, however, the thing that you have to understand is that your personality is not just limited to clothes. To be honest all of us did have the craze to look our best and each day spent a superabundant proportion of time (Shashi Tharoor English for, a lot I mean A LOT of time) just to decide what to wear. However, as time passes by you start to look beyond the clothes and begin to like people for who they are rather than what they wear.

Nonetheless, always try to look your best, wear your best smile, notch up that self-confidence and kill’em with style (but like do not actually kill anyone).

Expectation: Who cares for the course, college matters the most. I need to get a campus college.

Reality: Even though it might sound very tempting to compromise your course for the college, the reality stands different. You have to understand that though college is crucial but the course you choose is way more important.

It makes no sense to do a course that you do not like as you might stay in your college for three to four years but the course you do will stay with you forever. Besides, if you are happy with what you are doing you’ll always have a great time whichever college you are in.

Expectation:I’ll sit and eat in the canteen all day and have the best time.

Reality: Believe me, canteens are one of the best hangout spots, however, the part with food is what makes me unsure. Except some colleges (heya, Stephen’s ‘Café’) the canteens are just to places where you can see and hear students with their stories all the time.

In addition to this, some colleges have canteens that perfectly fit the Hindi idiom, “naam bade aur darshan chhote” (lookin’ at you P.G.D.A.V), nevertheless, these spaces do provide you with the memories that last for a lifetime.

Expectation: Everyone in DU is politically aware and thus I have to be too.

Reality: In such polarised times one mistake that nearly every DU student commits is being in a haste to find a political identity as soon as they enter our college. There is absolutely no doubt that your college is a place wherein you will find a plethora of views, discourse and dissent.

However, you must not jump into arguments and the counterarguments until you are ready. Therefore, you should always take your time and understand yourself first, before associating yourself with any ideology, be it left, right or centre.

Moreover, it is equally fine to reserve your thoughts and views to yourself, thereby refraining association from any school of thought.

Besides, you also need to learn that not every student around you will have the same thoughts, as you do, be it on any issue. It is also to be understood that not every person who doesn’t think like you is your adversary. This also doesn’t necessarily mean that all the other students are wrong, it’s just that they have lived their lives in a different manner as compared to you. Thus, you’ll need to learn the art of ‘agreeing to disagree’ and believe me, college will be much more enjoyable for you.

Expectation: I will join as much societies as I can and will do everything.

Reality: Societies are one of the best parts of one’s college experience be it theatre, music, dance, art, etc. In other words, the societies with their strict regimen and zeal for their respective field bring out the best in you. However, you also must understand that the thought of joining all the societies at once is an activity that will not only exhaust you but will also demotivate you.

Always try to focus on one activity first, as that will help you focus and refine your talent. It is also perfectly fine to change societies as per your wish whenever you want (but try not to do that during the fest season, bad idea). As these societies weren’t established to bind you but to help you find what you love the most and thus liberate you.

Expectation: Who cares for attendance, I will bunk my classes all the time and fly away in the open sky.

Reality: Now as tempting and cool as it might sound, believe me when I say that it is not the best idea to do so. It is never a bad idea to have fun with your friends but you really don’t want to line up in front of the administration office every semester. As if you don’t get your attendance percentage to the required level, you may have to lose out on your exams.

Let me give you small piece of advice here, you can actually bunk nearly two lectures of each subject every week and you’ll still make the required attendance mark (don’t worry, I have done the maths and yeah don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret). So have fun but study sometime also.

Expectation: DU has such amazing fests. I am so excited to see and experience all the fests.

Reality: Let me get straight to the point, 90 colleges come under DU and the fests in majority of them are just for namesake (as is the case of my college also, crying for now, brb). Except for some colleges like SRCC (Crossroads), Hindu College (Mecca), LSR College (Tarang), Miranda House (Tempest), etc., most of the fests in DU will disappoint you (but don’t say this to anyone else, what disappoints you in DU, stays in DU).

However, not all is gloomy as most of the colleges are also upping their ante and the fests just keep getting better and better every year.

Expectation: DU is the best and I am already in it, so I do not need to do anything more.

Reality: Most of us in DU, let me rephrase that, all of us in DU show-off how good it is all the time. As soon as you get in DU, you just start feeling that you’ve done something great but guess what, so have more than 62,000 other students. Therefore, your journey doesn’t end after entering the University, instead a new and exciting chapter of your life begins and it is in your hands to either cherish it or regret it for life.

So all the best to everyone hoping to get into DU and starting a new chapter in your life.

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Aniket Singh Chauhan

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