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DU Witnesses Fewer Registrations Under Sports Quota

Delhi University (DU) has received very few sports quota application for various undergraduate courses. Till Monday, five days before its closing of registrations, the varsity has received only a handful of applications.

The reason according to many officials is that the students are finding difficulty in procuring certificates from the respective offices. The officials also blamed the change in the sports quota admission process which is making it more complex.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the varsity this year has decided to skip the trials for admissions under the Sports Quota. The candidates will be admitted based on their merit and participation certificates only. In DU colleges, 5% supernumerary seats are reserved under sports and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) category collectively in each course. Due to the pandemic, the University has decided to discard admissions under ECA categories, excluding National Service Scheme and National Cadet Corps.

The number of applications received this year from aspirants opting for popular sports, such as athletics, football, basketball and cricket, is not even 30% of what it was last year, as of Sunday. For instance, the overall number of applications received under the Sports Quota from aspirants choosing football was 1,578 last year. However, only 317 applicants have applied under the discipline this year till Sunday evening.

Likewise the number of applications in sports like athletics, basketball, cricket and volleyball stand even low at 360, 344, 248 and 227 respectively, till now. Last year, the number of applications in these disciplines were 1,297, 1,223, 1,001 and 940, respectively.

Pankaj Sinha, a member of the DU’s Sports Council, said that candidates are facing difficulties in getting their participation and merit certificates issued. These certificates are to be uploaded along with the applications.

“The offices of schools, universities, federations and sports academies are closed for more than two months in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this students have not been able to get their merit and participation certificates issued. This is a major reason as to why many could not apply to DU as of now. It’s mandatory for the candidates to upload certificates with their applications. We do not allow letter heads or any slips. We are sure that the number of applications will increase in the next few days,”

Pankaj Sinha, DU’s Sports Council

He also added that around 700 students seeking admissions in postgraduate courses under the sports quota have also applied for the issuance of their certificates from the University’s council itself.

“We have received many applications from the candidates requesting to extend the dates of registration so that they can get some more time to get their sports certificates issued,”

Pankaj Sinha, DU’s Sports Council

Sports teachers in colleges across the University said that the changes in the criteria this year can also be a reason behind low applications.

“Every year we get so many students who either did not get opportunities to play above the zonal level or avoided participation in competition in order to focus on their studies after class 10. Many students last year did not have winning certificates but they performed well in the trials. This year, these students will get affected. Many students might not apply in the category thinking they won’t get admission.”

Mukesh Agrawal, Assistant Professor in Physical Education at Maharaja Agrasen College,

“It’s possible that the students are unable to procure original certificates of the tournaments that had happened immediately before the lockdown was announced. In such cases, the administration should consider the letters issued by the concerned authorities.”

Benu Gupta, Associate Professor in Physical Education at Kirori Mal College

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Prachi Nirwan