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Delhi University Postpones Exams till August; Student Organisations Protest

Delhi University (DU) has postponed final exams for third-year students till August. The decision is met with criticism from students and organisations across DU.

Petitioners challenging DU’s exam notification submitted that students should be evaluated on the basis of average marks earned in previous years examination along with internal assessment. They filed a compilation of complaints from students across the country where certain problems highlighted were the inability to apply for jobs by students, the prospect of applying to foreign universities for post-graduate programmes, lack of needed infrastructure, and mental trauma.

This follows the ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ that was released by the University Grants Commission (UGC) along with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) for conducting the final year or end-semester examination. The SOP follows the revised guidelines issued by UGC on July 6 wherein it was decided that the end semester examination would be conducted by 30th September 2020 in universities across India.

Both the decisions were met with criticism by students and teachers alike on social media. Several student organisations have also come forward demanding DU conducts an assignment based evaluation for its third-year students as well.

Students’ Federation of India (SFI) Delhi released a statement (SFI Delhi pushes for cancellation of OBE for final year students, cites postponing of examination as inadequate. Dated: 8th July 2020) where they said they view the decision to postpone the final semester exams to 15th August as an attempt to pacify an assertive struggle against OBE waged by students. “The position adopted by the MHRD, and DU officials at the hearing in Delhi High Court, reveal that both the central government and the university lacks vision in addressing the situation of the final year students.”

They further complained about the discrepancy in the data which the university showed the court to show its preparedness for exams. “The discrepancy in the data shows an attempt at falsifying reports made in order to strengthen their decision to proceed with online examinations. We believe the only viable option to deal with the issue and to relieve the students of the continuous anxiety and mental stress is to follow the same evaluative technique used for first- and second-year students.”

In a statement Rajib Ray, DUTA President said:

ABVP, in agreement, also came out with a press release demanding that DU conducts an assignment-based evaluation.

ABVP’s Press Release in opposition to DU administration’s ineffectiveness of dealing with the crisis.

“The University must not enforce any such option which puts even a single student at disadvantage, DU must complete its evaluation procedures at the earliest by assignments thereby letting students focus on their future.”

Sidharth Yadav, the State Secretary of ABVP Delhi, in the aforementioned Press Release

Feature Image Credits: The Hindustan Times

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