Cow Politics In India: It’s A Moo Point!

Scrutinising the aftermaths of inclusion of the high order ranking cattle in political scenes to stimulate upheavals of low order ranking second class citizens of our supposedly concotious democracy.

“You are on one side of the road, on the other is progress, but in the middle, there’s a cow.”

Kanan Gill, Stand-Up Comic

If you find this caustic remark made, do fish around what Indian politicians have in store for comments centred around cows. To your dismay, the truth coincides with comments made by humorists way more than ministers.

From coronavirus to cancer, cows have got all the cure. The utility from the exploitation of cattle couldn’t be stressed more by many partisans who astutely go on advocating copious claims about Gomutra (cow urine), cow’s Gobar (cow dung)  and some mind-boggling cow trivia sans scientific backing such as the bovine’s respiratory habits of exhaling oxygen because ministers have priorities such as that of Human Resource Development, Ramesh Pokhriyal who can’t get enough of ‘Jyoti Vidya’ (astrology) which as claimed by him in the house of parliament, has the potential to supersede ‘Vaigyanik Shiksha.’ (science)

Suman Haripriya, BJP MLA of Assam proposed cow faeces and excreta as a medicinal cure for the deadly coronavirus which has resulted in death tolls of millions all over the globe. Full-time entertainer and part-time BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra claimed to hold cow dung in higher regard in terms of worth than the Kohinoor diamond while doing justice to television debates reserved for such quintessential purposes. The basis for estimation of such worth goes over the heads of economists who beg pardon for their inherent incapabilities to understand the cow dynamics of utility proposed by the representatives of the state. Prime accused in Malegaon blasts BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya claimed that touching the back of the cow cured her blood pressure and consuming cow urine eradicated her cancer.

If you think these statements are harmless think again.The credentials of these ministers who made such callous remarks speak volumes about their intentions. Cows need protection by self-claimed ‘gau rakshaks’ (cow vigilantes) who hunt on minorities on the basis of a conjecture of them having evil intentions against cows – their sacred mothers, figuratively. Though crime against women doesn’t seem to harm their esteem. Since 2014 there has been an undeniable upsurge in hate crimes across India with Uttar Pradesh topping the charts. The Database of Hate Crime Watch suggests that Muslims are victims of 60% and Hindus 14% of hate crimes. Data records on mob lynching are inadequate as National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) leaves out this form of offence in its categorisation.

Upon surfacing of lurid accounts of violence on targeted minorities mostly Dalits and Muslims such as Akhalq Ansari, Pehlu Khan among others, BJP MLA Raja Singh said on national television:

“Lynching won’t stop if cow slaughter continues.”

BJP MLA Raja Singh

Adding fuel to it, Vinay Katiyar, another BJP MLA, said, “Muslims should stop touching cows altogether.” Union Minister Jayant Sinha was found garlanding eight lynching convicts. Such statements are found to empower the vigilantes because the party in power goes on to favour rather than to condemn such abominable accounts of horror.

Ravish Kumar, a veteran Journalist in his book The Free Voice says, “And Hitler had to do nothing; the German people had to do everything. All that Hitler and his government had to do was to allow the mob to act as they pleased.”

Justification of lynching is resultant of falsified hype of bovines propagated by politicians. Thousands of stray cows roam scrounging in garbage dumps, eating plastics and strolling with open wounds on the roads of India and nobody bats an eye, but inserting communal angle framed for the likes of politics changes the moo(d) of the discourse.

Feature Image Credits: Siyasat

Umaima Khanam



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