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A DU student-run production house, ChatarPatar is winning hearts (and, likes) of people on Instagram with their witty sense of humour, fun writing skills and brilliant content producing minds.

ChatarPatar is all about stories – of people, places and experiences. For the love of art and passion for entrepreneurship, four to-be business graduates from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, started this initiative in March 2020. In three months, this student-run production house has engaged thousands of people to their content, with celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Akasa, Tanishk Bagchi and Sachin Sanghvi interacting via their Instagram Live Streams and well-known artists from various domains enthusiastically being a part of their weekly podcasts.

While everyone around was going for conventional marketing or finance startups, 21 year old founders – Arjun Jaiswal, Himanshu Kumar, Shivansh Jindal and Vibhor, attempted to fully incorporate their experience at Delhi University in their venture. Being music and drama enthusiasts, ChatarPatar, they say, is a crossover of what they learnt through cultural societies and business lectures.

ChatarPatar stands at a team of 40+ students contributing full-time in different verticals like podcasts, video and static memes, and web series reviews. Almost all of their reviews have been recognized by the lead actors or director and they have garnered appreciation from pages like Social Media Dissect for their witty creatives and designs.

“ChatarPatar has been all about turning what I loved doing into my profession. Long working hours became fun – the whole idea of creating content everyday was and still is super exciting for me and that’s what has kept all of us together so far. Turning my talkative nature into a podcast is all about what we do here”,

Shivansh Jindal, Co-Founder, ChatarPatar

With their first podcast guest being theatre performer Geetanjali Kalta, the following were big names like Suraj Rikame, actor from Netflix’ Extraction, Taaruk Raina from Alaadin and Befikre, Aasif Khan of Pataal Lok and Jamtara fame amongst many others. Leading content creators like Aditi Shreshtha and Karan Chawla, and ace director of movies like Chintu ka Birthday, Satyanshu Singh have graced their live streams and podcasts, giving a whole lot of insights to their audience.

ChatarPatar recently concluded the first edition of their Marketing Bootcamp cum Internship Programme. Over the months, 150+ students have associated with them, picking up new skills and honing their creativity in fields of designing, content creation, podcasting, marketing, writing, social media and artist outreach. For students like Anjani Chadha and Anugya Srivastava, the bootcamp was a wholesome learning-through-fun experience.

“We were allotted creative tasks and mentors with full freedom to think our ways. The work environment was pretty chill and motivating. The podcasting workshop was hands down the best of its kind, so much so that we are well versed to start our own podcasts and probably publish it on platforms like Spotify”.

Anugya Srivastava

“The work environment is really constructive and cheerful. Even the slightest of achievements are celebrated. My four weeks of being associated with the production house were very encouraging and made me realize that any idea, any project can be worked out with a team of passionate people who have each other’s backs”, Chadha said.

Anjani Chadha

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“Ek hi cheez ko karne ke bohot tareeke hain, aur mujhe sab jaan’ne hain” was how ChatarPatar Podcast Episode 0 began. It started with a thought of bringing you the best of art and the finest artists in the country through actors, musicians, storytellers and so much more. Little did we know you’ll help us make great things happen. We had big names discussing hot takes on different topics. We went candid, we shared stories & giggles, we learnt important lessons from you – we really can’t thank you enough, dear artists. Our hearts skipped a beat when we had Ranveer Singh interacting with us in the comments. We are still flying! It wouldn’t have been possible without you sticking around with us – our loveliest audience. We are journeying towards making it bigger and all we need is your love to come back bigger and stronger in the next season. Until then, stay tuned! @geetanjali_kalta @suraj__rikame @ktkgod @aasifkhan.1 @himonshu @taarukraina @karannchawla @thatquirkymiss @rishabchadhaofficial @vayurus @cinema_is_forever @rajan_batra_13 @harjot1029 @sax.abhay @shivansh.j

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The lockdown period proved to be the peak for their reach, and the team well encashed the unprecedented amount of time people have been spending on the Internet. Their flagship lies in the humourous, relatable and perfectly timed content – on everything from films to shows, PM’s addresses to the nation or just picking up events from the news. The planned camera setup got switched with Instagram Live Streams, but they still tapped in numerous upcoming artists from different genres. Lockdown Blues was one such campaign where 12 university students performed.

“ChatarPatar was initiated with the aim of escaping from a rather monotonous life consisting of academics only. I always wanted to explore the creative side of my personality as a profession, and this lockdown served as a major catalyst in finally giving this plan a go”

Arjun Jaiswal, Co-Founder, ChatarPatar

Three and half months later, it’s a bunch of college students acing the social media game, well and how. The team believes in upholding the quality of the content they put across – be it memes, video edits, reviews or graphics. The founders emphasize on the no-compromising zone when it comes to aesthetics or timing of any content they upload online.

Anyone joining in is guaranteed thodi si kahaniyan, aadha kilo gossip, free ke memes aur khoobsaari ChatarPatar. Check them out here

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