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Swami Shraddhanand College Asks Students to Come to College for Library Clearance

Swami Shraddhanand College (SSC) has asked 3rd year students to physically come to college and return library books to be eligible for exams.

Delhi University (DU) has confirmed that exams will take place for final year students across the University. The method of taking the exams was through online Open Book Exams (OBE), which was decided by DU as the best alternative due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many students and teachers have raised their voice against this form of examination due to its privileged, ableist, and unproven nature. Now that DU has decided to go forward with these exams, colleges have started finalizing all the administrative hurdles.

One such example comes from SSC, where this decision has garnered considerable controversy among the students. A library notice dated 29th May 2020 states, “All the students of IIIrd year enrolled in various programs are requested to take their library clearances from 3rd June 2020 to 10th June 2020.” The notice also went on to say that students who do not take their library clearances and return the textbooks, books, and library dues by the aforementioned will not be allowed to sit for their exams.


Notice Issued by SSC
Notice Issued by SSC


The problem that arises due to this is travelling to college to return books will be a major risk during the pandemic, among other challenges. As Vikram Gupta, one of the many outstation students in SSC said “We are already in trouble due to the decision taken by the University to conduct open book examinations. Now our college made it compulsory to fill  the clearance form which requires a visit to the college. As we are not in Delhi, and we don’t want to travel to Delhi right now because of the increasing fear of Covid. We are not able to fill this clearance form and according to college, we won’t be able to take the exam.”

This move by the administration has seemingly put the lives and careers of a lot of third year students in jeopardy, where there only options at this moment seem to be risking their health by travelling in a pandemic or not being able to give their penultimate exams. DU Beat has reached to the principal of SSC for a statement on the same. The report will be further updated with the same if a response is received.

Feature Image Credits: Swami Shraddhanand College Website

Prabhanu Kumar Das

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