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GGSIPU Releases Semester Exams Datesheet, Withdraws It After Criticism

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, released a tentative examination date sheet which marked a beginning of examinations from 22nd June 2020. This created a lot off distress amongst the student community, however after a number protests the university has passed a notice declaring its withdrawal.

A tentative offline, pen-paper mode examination date sheet was released by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University on 2nd June 2020. The date sheet paying no heed to the grievances created by the COVID-19 pandemic declared the commencement of offline assessments from 22nd June 2020. The release of the examination schedule just 20 days prior, especially in the present situation, put not only the academic performance but also the lives of the students and their families at stake. A large number of the students are out of town and the conduction of such a mode of examinations exposed them to the risk of infection, and caused them to phase difficulties in travelling.


Tentative datesheet for BA LLB students of IPU (WITHDRAWN NOW) | Credits: GGSIPU Website
Tentative datesheet for BA LLB students of IPU (WITHDRAWN NOW) | Credits: GGSIPU Website


“I am a student, pursuing my studies from IP university. A large number of students are out of town, without a safe means to travel to appear for the exams they will have to risk the health of themselves as well as everyone around them. Even many of those who are in Delhi will have to travel an hour or more to reach the premises, this is when we keep aside the difficulties which one would encounter due to the lack of conveyance facilities at the present moment.”, said a student of Indraprastha University. The students considering almost a thousand of students appearing for the exams pointed towards the policy being a failure to all the passed norms of social distancing. They also highlighted upon the expansion of the risks by the contact of the answer sheets and question papers with many individuals. 

After phasing a strong opposition from the student community, the university passed a notice declaring a cancellation of the passed date sheet. Apart from that it also assured students of passage of a new examination schedule with reasonable and sufficient time line soon. An engineering student from IPU said, “In these hard times of global pandemic, it’s very saddening to see the shallowness exposed by our education system, where going with the rustic curriculum is considered over the lives of the youth. During a time where everyone should support each other these semester examinations made us vulnerable to the pandemic.” She further said, “GGSIPU released the proposed date sheet and after receiving the obvious reaction of anger from the students removed it. What are they really thinking to do is something we are still unaware about.”

Notice for Withdrawal of Internship | Credits: GGSIPU Website
Notice for Withdrawal of Internship | Credits: GGSIPU Website

Featured Image credits : GGSIPU Website

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