Admission Season

From School to College: Journey of An Outstation Student

College life is the most awaited stage of our lives. But the experience is not the same for everyone, especially if you are from a different city. It is in college that life then offers you sundry escapades.

The admission season for the University of Delhi (DU) is here. Students from all over the country are eagerly anticipating their results and how the mood of the infamous DU cut-offs will swing. Still, the hustle and bustle around admissions and the starting of college life isn’t the only thing that every fresher dreads. As college kicks off, outstation students are presented with a myriad of challenges and experiences.

  • Life in the metro

One of the most jittery and nerve-racking experiences for outstation students is moving to a new city- that too, a metropolis like Delhi. It is an exhilarating experience, but Delhi is a city that easily embraces everyone. With its historical monuments, popular hangout spots, shopping centers, and the metro- Delhi is a paradise for the foodie and the wanderer in all of us. Initially, one might feel like an outsider, struggling to get the hang of the city’s various quirks, but the city grows on you, and at your graduation, you are almost bound to exclaim – “Dilli Meri Jaan! (Delhi my life)”.

Image Credits: DU Beat Archives
  • Being independent and responsible

The newfound independence is incredible. For many- for the first time in their lives- it is a chance to make if not all then most decisions of their lives themselves. From financial to domestic to social- one gets to be the adult. Right from attending classes, managing finances, daily chores, studies, fitness, and managing a social life – balancing everything while living away from home requires determination and hard work. With increased responsibilities, you not only learn how to manage stuff but also become more adaptable to your surroundings. But this freedom must be enjoyed responsibly. As fascinating as Delhi is, it is also the hotspot of petty and serious crimes. So, be careful of your valuable things and explore Delhi in a responsible manner.

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  • Experiencing the diversity of DU

DU is known for its diverse atmosphere. Students from all over India and abroad come to study at this varsity and bring with them, the essence of their culture. As newbies to such an open environment, we are not only prone to classifying people according to stereotypes but are also prone to being at the receiving end of the same. You will meet all kinds of people, and it is essential to be open to all. In most scenarios, you will discover that people are so much more than what we are conditioned to believe. Do not be afraid to break the shackles of those notions while embracing and expressing your true, unique self.

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  • A new family

The best part about the whole transition is that this new chapter of your life offers the opportunity to make new friends and new connections. In the oblivion of the initial days, it feels like you are drowning amongst all this newness. Battling cultural, linguistic, and individualistic barriers is not easy. But slowly, this dread of isolation lessens and you create bonds and memories that are cherished lifelong. These relationships soon metamorphose into your extended family who is loving and supportive.

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  • Holidays get a new meaning

One of the most treasuring aspects of being an outstation student is going back home. With the windy bus rides, beautiful train journeys, or lavish airports, holidays become something to look forward to earnestly. As the break nears, with a unanimous decision from your entire batch, you plan your journey – book tickets, pack things, and so on. It is a hectic exercise, but the smiles that welcome you home make it all worth it.

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With living away from your loved ones and outside your comfort cocoon, homesickness, adjustment problems, and loneliness are bound to creep in some time or the other. But do not let these worries extinguish the excitement of a new beginning. In these times of technological advancement, family and friends are just a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to reach out whenever the need arises. Be ready to adapt, share, and learn, and let the wonderful university life take its course of making these years of your life the best and most enriching years to come.

Image Credits – DU Beat Archives

Ipshika Ghosh