Fighting for Future: The Plight of Students of IGIPESS

The students of Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) share their plight due to change in the assessment procedures for Admission Session 2020.

The students are the shapers of a country’s future. Their progress in the right direction greatly depends on the goodwill, support and guidance of their elders, professors and teachers.
We, as the hardworking students of this country who desperately seek the opportunity to be a part of an esteemed institution like the University of Delhi, to explore and harness our potential have put great faith that our pleas would be heard and our genuine concern will at least be considered for analysis.

In the light of the recent amendments made in this year’s entrance procedures due to COVID-19, the University has revised some important considerations in the Sports Category specifically.

Earlier, the distribution of percentage of marks was as stated below:

  • 60% written test
  • 20% physical fitness test
  • 20% for the Certificates of achievements in several sports events

Now, since it is not plausible to conduct the physical tests this year amidst this contagious pandemic situation, the 20% quota of marks related to Physical fitness is therefore merged with the 20% quota related to Certificates of Achievements

Hence, making the changed distribution of marks as follows

  • 60% written test
  • 40% for the Certificates of achievements”

As students, we feel to share our observation regarding the difficulties and ambiguities one might come across due to this amendment.

Our primary concern as students who have not participated in any National Sports Event and hence have not enough certificates to create a significant impact in our score amounts to serious implications.

Firstly, we would like to quote what we are instructed in our first year of bachelor degree by our Principal and other teachers

They say,” Here we are not producing sports persons, we are producing physical education teachers”

These instructions naturally motivate us to focus more in our classes and studies and less in participating in sports which would have earned us certificates and an identity as a sports person

Secondly, I want to share an example where if a student works daily 2 hours to prepare and practice for the fitness test, it makes total of 730 hours in a year; just to score better in our exam. Some of us are national medalist also.
Which all stands useless after this amendment

Our Bachelor’s degree [ B.Sc.( PE, HE & SPORTS)] is contentious and will not prove fruitful for us.It is also not recognized by other states because they ask for BPED degree of four years and also not recognized by some of the eligibility test exams such as DSSSB.

So, Many of us are not able to call ourselves as a sports person and will have less or no chances at all to score well and compete against the students with certificate.
Our bachelor’s degree is very controversial and not that much of use without post graduation which creates a great difficulty in these foundational years of our career in serving our country.
So, considering the points mentioned above we feel that our respected dignitaries can see our situation in dilemma and also see that the students with certificates will have an unfair advantage of 40% share of marks over the students who depended more on the the fitness test for their score than the certificates.

Therefore, we suggest that instead of merging 20% Fitness test quota with 20% quota of Certificates of Achievements, the university should merge the fitness quota with the 60% written entrance test, making the Marks distribution as follows
80% Written test
20% for Certificate of achievements or rather
remove the fitness test quota all together.

Featured Image Credits: Deewanshi Vats for DU Beat.