DUTA Writes to VC- Demands Special Medical Benefits and Financial Aid

The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) wrote a letter to Professor Yogesh Tyagi, Vice Chancellor of Delhi University in connection to the issues regarding the Covid-19 treatment of the university employees, and urged him to call out certain provisions to provide employees special medical benefits and financial aid in case they get affected by the crisis.

The DUTA in the letter, expressed their concerns regarding the situation the COVID-19 pandemic has created in the Delhi NCR area saying, “Delhi NCR is badly affected by the global pandemic COVID-19. With each passing day, more and more Delhi University employees are getting afflicted by this disease.”  DUTA also pointed out and condemned the lack of preparedness of the system in dealing with the pandemic crisis by touching upon the demise of Professor Wali Akhtar, who was allegedly turned away from several leading hospitals for treatment. “The death of Prof. Wali Akhtar, who succumbed after being denied timely treatment at several leading hospitals, exposes the utter unpreparedness of the system to deal with COVID-19 cases or with urgencies arising out of other ailments,” exclaimed DUTA. The DUTA demanded that the university in this context must write to all the hospitals to “express its anguish at this shabby treatment.” DUTA also urged the Vice Chancellor to explore other avenues to ensure that hospitals are duty- bound to not turn away any patient and provide them with timely treatment.

Further, DUTA also proposed some steps and adjured the university to initiate them so as to alleviate the miseries of those employees who were affected by the crisis. These include-

1) Cashless Treatment To Employees-

DUTA suggested that in order to decrease the unnecessary chaos in Covid-19 designated Government hospitals, rather than transferring the patients unable to pay the expenses in designated private hospitals to the government ones, the university must instead facilitate cashless treatment to all employees and their dependent family members suffering from COVID-19 in all designated hospitals in Delhi NCR.

2) Increase COVID-19 Designated Hospitals-

In view of rapidly increasing Covid-19 cases in Delhi NCR, DUTA also urged the university to consult the Delhi Government and facilitate more COVID-19 designated private hospitals.

3) Reimbursement For Doctors-

DUTA also demanded that the university must provide reimbursements for the treatment of the doctors (and dependents) who work in the medical colleges and medical institutions directly affiliated with Delhi University like the University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS) and Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute (VPCI).

4) Activation of Teachers’ Welfare Fund-

In the letter, DUTA advised the university to activate Teachers’ Welfare Fund (TWF) of the university in order to provide financial aid to employees requiring treatment for Covid-19. “The Teachers’ Welfare Fund has the provision of providing 1.5 lakh rupees as Medical Assistance and up to 3 lakh rupees as Medical Hardship. Keeping in mind the high costs involved in the treatment of COVID-19, the University should consider granting financial assistance over and above the stipulated amount,” said the union.

Apart from these, DUTA has also demanded the revamping of the WUS Health Center, periodic sanitation of residential colonies and hostels as well as the expansion of the Covid-19 advisory body of the university to include the representatives of students, teachers and non-teaching staff.

Abhinandan Kaul

[email protected]

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives