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CBSE Cancels Remaining Class XII Exams, Delay in DU Admissions Expected

After weeks of speculation, CBSE finally informed the Supreme Court of its decision to cancel pending examinations. Consequently, a delay is expected in DU admissions for the incoming session.

With the coronavirus crisis barely showing signs of abatement, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) told the Supreme Court that it would go ahead with the cancellation of all pending examinations of class X and class XII. Earlier, the Indian School Certificate Examinations (ICSE) council had also decided to cancel their remaining examinations and employ internal assessment grades as substitutes.

While CBSE has come up with an evaluation process of assessment for class XII students based on the results of the last three examinations held before the lockdown, it has also offered an alternate option for students to appear for their pending papers, once the pandemic subsides and the overall situation returns to normal functioning. The move received mixed reactions among those concerned, with some celebrating the move, while some termed the ambiguous conditions as being “confusing” and “illogical.”

I feel good, to be honest, since this means that I wouldn’t have to ache my head over the last two examinations, coupled with the fact that my previous three papers went quite well according to me. But then it’s a matter of perspective. Several friends of mine who were supposed to give their medical and engineering examinations are quite confused and uncertain.

Ojas Mittal, a class XII humanities student of a reputed private school in New Delhi

The decision might lead to more slowdowns in the already-delayed admission process of the University of Delhi (DU) for the 2020-21 academic session. Since the board plans to grade students based on their previous three papers, the process is certainly expected to take some time. With social distancing measures still in place, it shall be some time before a full-fledged workforce of teachers can be called to evaluate answer sheets.

CBSE is allowing interested students to give their pending examinations later on, and I really would like to do so since my previous examinations weren’t exactly the best. But I am not sure if DU, which was my first choice, will allow the admission of these students too since, I think, by that time the admission process would probably have been done with.

Vanija Pahwa, class XII humanities student, expresses her frustrations with the ambiguity of the announcements

The school boards are supposed to make decisions which go in sync with the situation prevailing among institutes of higher education. A large proportion of the students affected by the cancellation of examinations have plans of continuing their higher studies in India, and several institutes require board examination marks to admit candidates. Thus, CBSE needs to keep them in mind. They cannot just choose to release their results whenever they wish to.

Associate Professor, University of Delhi

Intensifying the lack of clarity is the fact that several state education boards haven’t yet taken a call on their list of pending examinations and evaluation process. Apart from that, a clear decision is yet to be taken with regards to numerous delayed national-scale examinations like JEE and NEET, leaving parents and students in limbo.

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