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ABVP Starts DU Admissions Helpline

The Delhi Unit of Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has started a Delhi University (DU) admission helpline to aid the applicants in the admission process and solve the doubts and queries they may have.

On 27th June, 2020 the ABVP announced through a Press Release that it would be releasing 18 helpline numbers along with a helpline email-id to assist students who want to take admission in the University of Delhi.

The Covid-19 pandemic situation and its consequent lockdowns have resulted in the university making several major changes to the admission procedure, like the decision of not conducting sports & ECA trials, 100% online admission process, among many others. These changes coupled up with the great amount of uncertainty and tensions all thanks to the pandemic situation has caused great amount of anxiety and confusion in the minds of many applicants. This has been the driving factor for the students’ organization to come up with such an initiative to help those who wish to get admitted to the university.

“Keeping all the changes in mind, ABVP volunteers have already begun assisting students to help them sail through the admission process smoothly,”

said the ABVP in a Press Release

The students’ organization has also been constantly involved in calling the university’s attention to any technical errors that may crop up during the online admission process.

“Some of the technical problems that have already been highlighted and successfully redressed by the university due to the ABVP’s efforts include the compulsory field for marks obtained in Sanskrit and the compulsory requirement of the applicant’s last name,”

claimed the students’ organization

“The admission process for the upcoming academic year has witnessed a number of changes. Since there was no alternative to using digital medium for a smooth admission process, ABVP too is focusing on the same to assist applicants as well as highlight any technical or systematic issue causing inconvenience to the applicants.”

Sidharth Yadav, State Secretary, ABVP Delhi
ABVP Helpline No. for Admissions 2020
Image Credits: ABVP Delhi

Emphasizing on the efforts made by the ABVP, he further said- “Our goal is to ensure that not even a single student is denied equal opportunity to partake in the admission process for want of timely and accurate information.

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