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Top Societies of DU Fest Season 2019-20: Western Dance Society

A thing that brings all the aspirants of the Delhi University (DU) in this country to a sense of fascination is the University’s engagement with the performing arts. With a plethora of opportunities in fields like dance, music, dramatic, students are exposed to the discipline and the adventure of the arts that interest them. DU Beat brings to you the first of the six installations of its analysis of the top society in DU. The hard work was persistent, and the competition heartening. Let’s delve into who made the cut and how.

Before we immerse into this list, it becomes pertinent to acknowledge the difficulties faced by all colleges and societies this fest season. 2020 came with its obstacles and hardships, which also impacted the year-round dedication of our University’s college students. DU Beat applauds all societies for all the efforts they have in for this year.


The best college society in each category was selected by creating a tally of the top 3 positions that could be won at various events. The society that secured the 1st position was awarded 3 points, the society that secured the 2nd position was awarded 2 points, and finally, the society securing the 3rd position was awarded 1 point.

30 college fests were considered in the making of the tally. The selection of these 30 competitions was based upon an analysis done by speaking with members of numerous college societies, and tracking the fests they considered most prestigious. The considered colleges are:

Baila- LSR
Chimera- JMC
Razzmatazz- SVC
Quest- MLNC(M)
Bounce it up-DSC(M)
Match the Beat 2020- Maitreyi
Catharsis- St. Stephen’s
Dhamaal- PGDAV(E)
Xuberance – Maharaja Agrasen College
Impulso – ARSD
Western Go – BCAS
Yashas – Lady Irwin College
Sweat It Out – Ram Lal Anand
Bailando – Shyama Prasad Mukherjee
Thirak – Mata Sundari College
Tarradhin – DCAC
Meraki – SGTB Khalsa
Encore – SSCBS
Stepburn – PGDAV Morning
Tanzmania – Shivaji College
Ensemble – Dyal Singh Evening

Top Three Positions

CRUNK, the Western Dance Society of Sri Aurobindo College (SAC), bagged the first position with a robust lead of 41 points. , CVS ZESTREETS of College of Vocational Studies (CVS) followed at the second position with 32 points, while SPARDHA, the Western Dance Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (SBSC) was at the third position with 30 points.

Points Tally: Western Music 

Winning Societies at a Glance 


“From the underdogs, to being recognized as the competitors, and now standing as a SAFE BET for the audience, we made it till here and SKY IS THE LIMIT! What you see above is not just the journey of a year, but the reaped benefits of the hard work of generations of CRUNK since its inception. Our team is known for its exuberance and the on stage aura, but what went behind the scenes was a concoction of all those hard times, the failures, and the accusations, yet what kept us going was preaching our 3 MANTRAS – LOVE the AUDIENCE, RESPECT the STAGE, and JUSTIFY the PRODUCTION! Out there, each day, we were competing not to be at the pinnacle of the ladder, but rather to be the better versions of our yesterday’s and to persist the self-made name of CRUNK, kept intact by our devoted seniors without whom, none of this would have been possible!! It was my esteemed pleasure and honor to be able to LEAD the team this year, and to be a part of this GREAT LEGACY. This one is to all the CRUNKERS and the generations to come. LEZZ GO CRUNK.”

– Vedika Yadav, President, Crunk 2019-20

List of the members 2019-20 :

1. Vedika Yadav ( President)

2. Sanjay ( Vice President)

3. Deepanshu Chawla

4. Shubham Khatak

5. Ritushree Bharali

6. G.Laxmi Narayanan

7. Nitin

8. Anurag

9. Ajit

10. Aditi Jain

11 Bhaskar Singh Bhakuni

12. Diksha Jain

13. Divyansh Tripathi

14. Garvit Chawla

15. Neha Singh

16. Nilesh

17. Nitesh Attri

18. Priyanka Sachdeva

19. Ruhi Karki

20. Vaishnavi Ranjit

  1. CVS ZESTREETS (2nd)

“Competitions are not the highlight of our experience. It was a whole journey which started 3 years back, when all of us entered our college life. we use to be a team that was hardly able to clear the prelims, came into the top 5 teams last year and this is where we are in our final year. This was possible because of the support we recieved from our seniors and our very own chreographer Abhibhav sir. Each and every person in our team is so hardworking that no matter what they were going through in their personal lives, they always acknowledged and prioritised their responsibilities towards the team. I still remember the nights when we reached our homes post 12am after practice and made it on time for a 7:30am reporting the next morning yet everyone had the never-ending excitement to perform on stage! All the sleepless nights on our outstation competions are the best memories I have of us. We as a team have won a lot of hearts and that was the primary aim of Zestreets, irrespective of what position we stood at. I would like to congratulate and thank all the people associated with us. Our music producer Shivam Galav , our costume designer Amadioindia , our chreographers @bedroc_boogie @prachi_dadwal and all our seniors for always being so supportive and helpful. All in all I thank them for always being there for us when we needed them!”

-Bhomik Gaba, President, CVS Zestreets 2019-20

3. SPARDHA- SBSC (3rd) 

“This year has been sensational for Spardha, we are grateful for the hearts we were able to touch and the respect we earned from the receivers of our art. Spardha strives to provide a better experience for the viewers each year with our production and dancing. In this team we don’t just prepare you for those 8 minutes production, we help you explore yourself as a dancer and as a person, so that you can become the best version of yourself after the journey, as I have experienced myself from being in this team to leading it. What makes us different from every other society is that we train hard to perfect our craft individually, so that we are able to dance wherever and however. This is the place for every aspiring dancer who wants to take his/her dancing to another level be it your skill or in your life as a career.”

-Anant Sharma, President, Spardha 2019-20

Story and Feature Image Credits: Ajay Pal for DU Beat 

Data Analysis by

Priyanshi Bannerjee

Aishwaryaa Kunwar

Sakshi Arora

Shivani Dadhwal