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Top Societies of DU Fest Season 2019-20: Fashion Societies

A thing that brings all the aspirants of the University of Delhi in this country to a sense of fascination is the University’s engagement with the performing arts. With a plethora of opportunities in fields like dance, music, dramatic, students are exposed to the discipline and the adventure of the arts that interest them. DU Beat brings to you six installations of its analysis of the top society in DU. The hard work was persistent, and the competition heartening. Let’s delve into who made the cut and how.

Before we immerse into this list, it becomes pertinent to acknowledge the difficulties faced by all colleges and societies this fest season. 2020 came with its obstacles and hardships, which also impacted the year-round dedication of our University’s college students. DU Beat applauds all societies for all the efforts they have in for this year.


The best college society in each category was selected by creating a tally of the top 3 positions that could be won at various events. The society that secured the 1st position was awarded 3 points, the society that secured the 2nd position was awarded 2 points, and finally, the society securing the 3rd position was awarded 1 point.

19 college fests were considered in the making of the tally. The selection of these 19 colleges was based upon an analysis done by speaking with members of numerous college societies, and tracking the fests they considered most prestigious. Competitions organised independently and those with less than 4 participating teams were excluded. The considered colleges are:

Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma
Acharya Narendra Dev College
Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences
Daulat Ram College
Deshbandhu College
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce
Dyal Singh College
Kalindi College
Lady Irwin College
Maitreyi College
Motilal Nehru College
PGDAV (Evening)
Satyawati College (Morning)
Satyawati College (Evening)
Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce
Shivaji College
Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College
Swami Shaddhanand College

Poise, the Fashion Society of Institute of Home Economics, bagged the first position with a robust lead of 22 points. Glitz, the Fashion Society of Kamala Nehru College, tied with Galore, the Fashion Society of Maitreyi College, followed at the second position with 12 points, while Nakshatra of Hindu College was at the third position with 8 points.Top Three Positions

Points Tally: Fashion

Winning Societies at a Glance


In the words of Tanya Pahwa, President of Poise, IHE, “We are really proud that our immense hardwork and focus towards the society paid off. This year, we performed the theme “The Broken Soul” which portrays that being raped isn’t someone’s choice and the society must put an end to this terrible cycle of false notion. We always had a vision to see Poise on top. We all have put in a lot of efforts which got reflected in the results. The achievements and the titles have been truly commendable. I’ve been longing throughout my journey to see Poise here and now I can finally state ‘We Did It’. If I had to give credit for the success to anyone, it would obviously be our choreographer (Mr. Honey Goel) and the team itself, their constant hard work made us the best fashion society in the DU circuit today. I believe that one can definitely achieve what one aspires for as long as he/she is confident and is ready to put in all the efforts. We would like to thank everybody out there who thought we were the best. Now, we senior members just want Poise to always win hearts of their audiences’ and always stay right on top. Thank you!”


  1. Tanya Pahwa (President)
  2. Ritika (Vice- President)
  3. Vanshika Kalyana (Creative Head)
  4. Priya Sharma (Treasurer)
  5. Mehak Tewatia (PR Head)
  6. Fareen
  7. Lisha Singh
  8. Simran Chauhan
  9. Jaya Sunariya
  10. Avni Khajuria
  11. Kashish Bhardwaj
  12. Shradha
  13. Tanvi Kakkar
  14. Nishika
  15. Mavia
  16. Sonali vishwakarma
  17. Khushi



“This year our theme was Dawn To Dusk which represented the dualities of the human psyche and embracing each side of it. Our theme tried to accept the entwined polarities of all beings. In doing so we tried to stick to fashion as a means of expressing ourselves, staying away from theatrics and dramatism largely prevalent around us. Our collection was inspired by Giambattista Vali and Zac Posen; wherein each garment, silhouette, prop etcetera had a story to tell. Every year Glitz independently comes up with a production from scratch and the process behind it is what makes it so special. We put in hours of toil for that perfect seven-minute production. That hard work binds us all together into one family. Being a society member is the highlight of my college experience. I’m very proud of how our team works with utmost finesse no matter what the task is. It’s overwhelming to see so much talent in each and every member in the circuit, striving for the best. I’m really glad that this year was very successful for Glitz and I hope we do amazing in the coming sessions as well,” articulates Navdha Ahuja, President, Glitz.



“It’s been a crazy adventure- coming together, forming a team to finally showcasing our sequence to the amazing DU audience. This year was full of ups and downs for all the teams (literally). We came up with a very different theme, “Balancing of Energy” wherein we depicted the Imbalance of 7 Chakras and what happens when we lose sight of our Chakra & let negative side prevail; it was all showcased through some current social issues such as Acid Attack, Mental Health, Protests, Pollution to name a few. Leading this dream team has been a complete pleasure and honour. I’m so grateful to have such passionate members who have worked with sheer determination throughout the year. Our love for this legacy we’ve had is what brought us here. Thank you for giving me a larger than life experience. Go Galore!” exclaims Aashna Rai, President, Galore.



The President of Nakshatra, Garima Satija, comments on their victory, “Session 2019-20 was a year of growth and aspirations for Nakshatra. It was about guts, glory and fame. The team tried to redefine the way a Delhi University fashion society works. From various photo and video shoots to collaborations with brands to fashion shows, the members of the society got a chance to experience what it’s like to be working in a fashion industry in the truest sense. Nakshatra’s annual production, Karma, was a result of constant hardwork and dedication of the entire team and while it had its ups and downs, it always served our fundamental motive to have the best collection of outfits when we walk down the ramp at a fashion show. I would like to thank my team for making my vision come true. I hope this is just the beginning of a glorious future of the society and I hope the society emerges even more daring and even more victorious in the coming years. Congratulations to all the fashion societies in the circuit for having an amazingly competitive year.”


Story Credits: Ajay Pal

Data Analysis and Compilation by

Aishwaryaa Kunwar

[email protected]

Sakshi Arora 

[email protected]

Shivani Dadhwal

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