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Students Collective for Covid-Relief Work

The ongoing nation-wide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has left a devastating impact on the daily wage earners. Owing to this a group of students from Lady Shri Ram College for Women has taken up the initiative for a Student’s Collective. 

Due to the ceasing of majority of the economic activities in the early phases of the lockdown, most of the daily wage earners have been stripped of their savings. Most of them have either seen a pointy drop in their earnings or have been rendered jobless altogether. Many among the daily wage earners are also migrants coming in from distant states or rural regions and hence the suddenly announced lockdown came as a tsunami for them, offering less or no time to prepare as a consequence of which they’re struggling to survive in this time of crisis.

Seeing this, a group of students from Lady Shri Ram College for Women have taken the initiative to start a student’s collective called ‘Students For Covid Relief’ in order to cushion the impact of this crisis on the daily wage earning class by providing them with essential commodities like food and medicines.
“I started this Student’s collective along with a few of my college mates in April 2020 with the aim of helping the daily wage earners who’ve lost their livelihoods and are facing food insecurity in these uncertain times.” says Stuti Gupta, a second-year student of BA (Hons.) Economics, from Lady Shri Ram College.

Stuti Gupta, the founder of Students For Covid Relief, further said to DU Beat, “Our student’s collective is being run with the help of 3 teams that we have made. Each team consists of a group of volunteers who take care of certain important aspects of our initiative which consist of- Fundraising, Outreach and Beneficiary profiling.”

The Student’s collective has been organizing activities like quizzes, art workshops and are soon planning to come up with dance workshops and games like Tambola, to raise funds. “As students, we may not possess funds of our own or have access to a lot of money; however one thing we do possess and have access to is talent. There are a lot of talented people who wish to contribute to bringing a positive change in the society, and hence we have collaborated with many of them to organize activities for fundraising.” adds Ms. Gupta.
From being a collective of students of a single college, this initiative has now branched out to various other colleges and students. “Our initiative has expanded to many colleges like Hansraj and Sri Venkateshwara among others in the University of Delhi and even college students in cities like Kolkata have volunteered to join our team.” Stuti continues.

The collective has been successful in identifying people and communities who are in dire need of help and is working towards providing them with all the essential commodities required for survival.

Concluding, Stuti expresses her appreciation for all volunteers of the student’s collective. “All of this has been made possible because of the myriad selfless and helpful people we have met along the way, who have not even once hesitated to offer their time, help and advice!”

Interested students can mail them at:  [email protected]

Featured Image: Aakarsh Gupta for DU Beat.

Abhinandan Kaul

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