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Interview Based Examination Through Application

This piece suggests a unique solution and alternate to online examinations suggested by the varsity. Read more to find out. 

The current pandemic situation in the world has compelled us to think new ways for not only living our lives but also relook at our existence. And what differentiated humans from animals is their ability to think, to understand and analyse and rationalise the material as well as non-material world.

So, building upon the existing knowledge to solve current day problems has always been the part and parcel of universities. But today we need a different approach to look at the world, today when there is a question of life and death for everyone, but humans still strive to live and strive to learn.

So, education should not stop but can be modified. A different approach of conduction of examination is important. An examination based on a telephonic conversation between a student and a teacher based on a mobile application where the calls could be recorded for evaluation is a practical method in today’s time.

Purpose that it would serve-

  1. Evaluation of a students’ analytical ability
  2. Importance to understanding of topics than merely rote learning
  3. Reduce the burden of students to memorise lengthy readings



An application is to be developed which is to be installed in each faculty’s android phone or computer. This application should have details of respective students of the concerned department, their roll number, contact number, college details, parental details, subjects taken and other details if necessary. Personal Contact number of students would be favourable. Other contact number should be given if the student does not have the aforementioned, in which contact details of parents/guardian should be favoured.

In this app as soon as the student picks up the call the call would start to record and will be saved after the call is cut. This application will save all the calls to a main computer which would be operated by the Head of the Department for evaluation of overall students’ performance.

Examination centres for faculty members

A proper examination centre with a capacity of at least thirty members is set up with adequate social distancing measures.  Each teacher would be allocated equal number of students. Like for example, there are 500 in a course in any year and 20 professors, so each teacher would be allocated 25 students.

The initiation of the interview examination would be announced by the head of department after which the procedure would start. Each faculty members would be provided a computer system and a headphone, and each faculty member would be sitting at such distance that each one is not disturbed during the interview which would be conducted by them.

Basic facilities like water, sanitation must be ensured for the teachers.


1.Each interview would be held for half an hour where teacher can ask questions that would already be in front through the application.

2.Apart from factual questions analytical questions should also be asked for which a little extra time of 1 or 2 minutes could be provided.

3.No personal questions should be entertained by either the teacher or the student, a guideline for which shall be provided to the students beforehand.

4.Date of the interview should be provided one months before to the students so that students have at least one-month time for preparation.

5.At the beginning of interview basic details like name should be asked by the student for confirmation of their details.

6.After the 30 minutes interview a specific code would be generated by the application which would send automatically to the student’s contact number and email so that student may also have a proof of their appearance in the examination. That code would also be saved   in the teachers’ computer system for future purpose.

7.At least four questions must be asked in which 5 minutes time span would be provided to the students for each question and 10 minutes time for the analytical or highly ordered questions.

8.Students could use Hindi, English or both the languages during interview but must ensure that no offensive statements, comments, or regional slangs be used during the interview failing for which can result in deduction of marks.


Evaluation should be based upon following criteria-

  1. Students’ understanding of the concepts
  2. Citing of examples apart from the textbook and reading material
  3. Clarity while answering questions


A students’ ability can not only be judged by how well he/she writes an answer in an examination but also by how well he/she could speak and explain it to anyone without any hesitation and shy.

This type of interview examination pattern would allow students to not only read their own required textbooks and reading materials but also to look apart from their course and research on real life examples related to certain concepts of their course structure since one of the evaluation criteria is such. Apart from that students will be required to read each material given to them because there would be no option of questions as there is in the written exam which would help them to gain more knowledge.

This interactive interview would not only increase students’ knowledge but also would boost up his/her overall confidence and self-esteem. This would also prepare them for future interviews in several carrier field as it would a hands-on experience to students.

Featured Image Credits: The Indian Express

Raja Choudhary