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Change in Admission Criteria for IIEST Geology Leaves Students Blindsided

The Department of Geology of Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur changed its admission criteria for the session of 2020-21 with no prior notice.

 The Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur has changed the criteria for its course of Master of Science (MSc.) in Applied Geology for the session of 2020-21 with no prior notice provided to aspiring students.

The Department of Geology, IIEST Shibpur has now mentioned that both Chemistry and Mathematics at the Undergraduate level for two semesters will be a necessary requirement considered for admission in MSc. Applied Geology. This criteria, which was not a requirement in the previous years, has been hastily added into the admission requirements with no prior notice and the current students of the institute up until the previous year were under no obligations to fulfil this criterion.

As a result, despite successfully clearing the JAT (Joint Admission Test) examination 2020, undergraduate students of not just the University of Delhi but also other students now face excessive uncertainty regarding their admissions. This issue now affects not just the senior batches of undergraduate students, but also the junior batches who have already filled the examination forms for the 4th Semester General Electives, which hinders their admission into IIEST in the future should their chosen elective combination not be Chemistry and Mathematics.

Dikshit Kashyap Das, a final year student of BSc. (Hons) Geology at the University of Delhi told DU Beat, “In these tiring and uncertain times when students are wallowing in their grievances, such a step would lead to further stress and pressure among the students as most of us are back home without proper resources to study for another entrance examination. A major issue for ones who were expecting a seat in this institution but now are left helpless. Students have emailed and tried to contact their Head of the Department but he has a very casual attitude towards this major issue, as there isn’t a reply of the emails or proper conversation over call to provide some clarification as to why this sudden change has happened.”

This issue of a sudden change in admission criteria, coupled with the insensitive introduction of online examinations, is further evidence of the apathetic attitude of varsities across the nation regarding their students and their now uncertain future prospects owing to the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Feature Image Credits: IIEST

Shreya Juyal