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5 Natural Ways to Fight the Smog

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As you read this, take in a deep breath. So, what is that weird irritation in your throat? You hit the bull’s eye if you guessed smog or pollution.  

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Suffocating air, watering eyes, irritated skin, and agitated temperament. “Nevertheless, he walked into a Gas Chamber”, was said for the Holocaust but the statement holds true even for an individual who relocated to Delhi. The national capital ranks amongst the Premier Polluted Cities in the world. It feels like the Air Quality Index (AQI) meter is determined to achieve higher figures, on almost a daily basis. With the entire city reeling under hideous air pollution, which is bound to translate into SMOG in the upcoming days of frosty winter, we jot down this article to fetch you STUDENT FRIENDLY ways of coping with smog.

It seems like Mother Nature had foreseen this day and we as university students cannot ignore our constant lack of funds. To beat the stuffy smog, we suggest a few naturally available eatables, that aid the fight with smog.

  1. Broccoli

I am terribly sorry to have played with your feelings right in the first suggestion. But then, it is better to be “safe” than “sorry”. Without boring you by getting into technicalities, let us get straight to the point- Broccoli is good at restricting the flow of toxins and pollutants inside the body, according to studies and researches. So, the next time you see Broccoli on a pizza, devour it gracefully.


  1. Ginger

This is one thing the consumption of which is in itself a paradox. We love it in our cup of Chai, but hate to bite into it, solely because of its bitter taste. Chai lovers are going to love me after they read what I write next. Ginger Helps In Dealing Effectively with Smog. Now that I have given you a reason to get drunk on Chai, you may enjoy a guilt-free series of chai cups. ENJOY!


  1. Citrus Fruit

Citrus is another food division which, if included adequately into your diet, can give stupendous results in terms of protection from Smog. Citrus fruit is a renowned guardian of lung health. So get ready to gorge on juicy oranges, or chug that delicious fruit juice from the citrus family of fruits.


  1. Foods rich in Magnesium

Remember the time when your parents included hoards of dry-fruits in your “food wala bag” while you were about to leave? It is high time that you finally get to eating those nuts, for it has been observed that Magnesium rich foods (essentially dry-fruits) are helpful in aiding your lungs to cope with strain caused as a result of excessive air pollution.


  1. Water

I know it may not sound like a very good idea given the fact that it is the Winter season, but drinking water is the best thing you can do to your body in this particular period. That does mean some additional trips to the washroom, but if it helps improve your lung and skin health, it is totally worth it. In this special scheme, you get the added benefit of flawless skin.  Now that’s a win-win situation right there. 


However, apart from this, buying masks and adorning your faces with them is always an option. However, not only will that be heavy on your pocket, but you also get to take relatively few selfies for Instagram and Snapchat with hashtags like #SMOG #DELHI #Pollutionindelhi etc.


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