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Appulse at KMC: Three days of CEOs, Mock Stock and Monopoly

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The Commerce Society at Kirori Mal College (KMC) organized the their Annual Department fest with an “International Business” theme and labelled it as Appulse 2014. The event took place from 17th to 19th February.

Dr. Raj Dhankar (FMS) inaugurated the event with his inspiring speech addressed to the Commerce Society.

On 17th February, the events comprised of Inquizitive, Suits of an Adman and Impressario (Prelims). The business quiz called Inquizitive had a total of 70 participants, out of which moved to the finals. Aditya and Mukund of St. Stephen’s College bagged the first position in the same.

The Suits of an Adman was synonymous to the popular Ad-mad. In this event it was noticed that the drama society members took a keen interest in participation. Dyal Singh College was adjudged the first position, whereas Kirori Mal College stood second.



Impressario or the Best CEO was an individual event consisting of 50 participants. In the prelims, the first elimination round was the Group Discussion, which shortlisted the participants to 16 in number.

The Day Two kick started with Impressario finals. Madhav Mittal pursuing Economics Honors at KMC stood first and was titled the Best CEO for the competition.

Another event called G 20 +10 was held on 18th February. This episode was a summit regarding the Euro Zone crisis. Anna Sinha of Ramjas College was the Best Delegate with the cash prize worth Rs. 3500 and Ajay Sabharwal was awarded High Commendation. A competition called City Ville was also introduced this year. Participants were asked to make a Blueprint on a butter paper of a Textile factory. Prior to the same, participants were notified about the Green Covers. Akanksha Tomer and Raghuvinder Singh came first in this event.

The closing day for the festival consisted of Board Walk, Dalal Street and Qestethon. Inspired by the very famous board game “Monopoly”, Board walk comprised of participants moving around the tables, landing at countries and dealing with the rest of the world. In Board 1, Rahul Singhal and Akash Kumar won, whereas in Board 2, Rahul Saini and Vaibhav Sharma were adjudged first.

BSE in association with the Commerce Society organized the Mock stock or the Dalal Street. Being sponsored by BSE, the stocks would fluctuate and the participants would invest unlike the simpler version of pre-determined value of stocks. Stanzin Tashi and Vikas from Hans Raj College won the competition. Questethon was another word for Treasure Hunt. Keeping in mind their overall theme of International Business, this (Puzzle + Clue) treasure hunt was quite different. As the entire North Campus was filled with clues, this game became little demanding but yet quite stimulating. Shubham, Priye and Sachin from KMC were successful in hunting the treasure.

Blind Square

The Nine shots were their mini-games consisting LUDO wherein people played on the board. Greedy Dog was similar to Dog and the Bone, but here to move a step ahead one would answer a question. The other games were Loop the world, Blind Square, Bingo, Equilibrium, WWW, Face-painting and Juggle the puzzle.

In addition to all these events, the fest also featured an exhibition consisting of a massive and a detailed representation of Exports and Imports in India along with facts and figures of several companies.

Inputs from Nupur Sanon, Raksha Choudhary and Chandni Bakshi

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