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How to Deal with Entrance Examination Results

With many entrance examinations and their final rounds of interviews culminating, those who are eagerly waiting for their results must be feeling distraught and anxious...


Students complain of several lapses in procedures before the entrance exams

Thousands of students appeared for the entrance of some of the undergraduate courses which were conducted the University of Delhi. However, some faced various...

Nothing ‘Common’ about the CAT

Why run the Rat Race when you can run the CAT Race? The cat is out of the bag! CAT results for 2016 were declared on 9 January. As per data, the top 20 performers who...

Standardized Test with yellow pencil

QWERTY: Prepare for your entrance exams with these 4 apps

The first year of college usually goes in finding where you fit in, the second in cementing the bonds & friendships and the third goes in woes and worries about the...


BMS Entrance Exam to be scrapped? Here’s why that’s a bad idea

A recent edition of a national daily, along with rumors being circulated in Delhi University, reported that the next major change DU is ready to implement is the...


FMS goof up leaves students in anguish

This year, the three business related courses under DU i.e. Bachelor of Business Studies, Bachelor of Business Economics and Bachelor of Financial Investment and...

English Hons Entrance Exam Petition