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Start-Up Culture at University of Delhi

For a while now, Delhi University’s alumni have come up with plenty of successful ventures. So, is it because the varsity fosters entrepreneurship or the college...

Vaibhav Kanwar, a student of SGTB Khalsa College , a student of Delhi University founds an entrepreneurial venture that manufactures cajons, a percussion instrument

Percussion by the New Generation

Third-year B.Com (Hons) student and the President of SGTB Khalsa College’s Music Society, Vaibhav Kanwar’s love for music and entrepreneurship has led to the...


In Conversation with WeConvert: A start up to change the waste management system in India

Jose Rizal could not have said it better when he exclaimed, “The youth is the hope of our future.” Today, we see many young individuals, both college and school...