Infinity and Diversity: A Review of 2018 in Terms of Comic Book Movies

The Hollywood box-office is most familiar to two types of films: the comic book films and the non-comic book ones. Starting with a few superheroes in metropolitan...

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Sweater Styles to Slay

The exam season is over, and the new semester has arrived in all its glory of hectic schedules as well as the excitement of college fests. It is finally time to get out...

Complaining about 2018- A Fad

Complaining about 2018: A Fad

The good and the bad, the world somehow settles into this binary. It is the inevitable balance that brings us closer to ourselves- a balance that needs acknowledgement....


JNUSU Rises in Protest Against the Gaya Rape Case, Burns Effigy

Standing against the Police mis-constructions, and in solidarity with the victims, the residents of Gaya and the people protesting nationwide, the JNUSU today protested...


(500) Days of Summer film stills 

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500 Ways of Representation: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl has often been used as a stock character to brighten the male’s life. (500) Days of Summer tells you that shedding the wrong conditioning is...


Living a Dilemma: Through the Eyes of an 18-year-old Indian Student

Influences of the American life have penetrated deeply in our day to day lives, perhaps more than we would have wanted to. But are we aware of its consequences yet? As...

Reminders to stay positive

Why you should unfollow ‘Positivity’ Pages and Accounts

Following too many pages on positivity? DU Beat analyses why it’s time for you to unfollow them. Here, I quote my good friend, Lilly Singh, “THIS GON BE SOME...


A Timeline of Notifications, MoUs, and Changing Criterions

Exploring the history of the events that triggered the ongoing unrest within DU’s academia. In October 2017, the University Grants Commission (UGC) had introduced...

humanities text

Why Humanities is Looked Down Upon

This article attempts to probe into the reasons that have long rendered humanities as a discipline to be looked down upon. “When my relatives ask me what I’m...


Minutes of DUTA Executive Meeting, January 2019

The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) held an Executive Meeting on Saturday, 12th January 2019. The resolution for the same is a comprehensive account of...