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SPADE- The Socio-Economic Society of Shivaji College announces the grand annual ACE!

April 4



SPADE- The Socio-Economic Society of Shivaji College is proud to announce the grand annual spectacle
ACE, Annual Consortium for Excellence – The Annual Festival of SPADE.
We bring to you mind racking events that will test your economics and business acumen to the limit

Chief guest
Dr. S P Sharma
Dr S P Sharma has around 23 years of diverse experience in the various areas of the economy and businesses. Currently, he is working with the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry as Chief Economist to facilitate dialogue between private sector stakeholders and government.

Guest of honour:
Mr. Nikhil Arora
Nikhil is presently a Founding Partner at ArkVega Partners LLP, which provides Consulting & Advisory Services to Businesses ranging from Publicly-listed Companies, SMEs, Family Offices, to Start-ups. At ArkVega, Nikhil supports the planning and executing various Strategic Mandates including, but not limited, to Financing Strategy, Business Plan Advisory, Management Steering, Industry Research etc.
Nikhil is also Founder and CEO at Transfin. – a Business and Financial News Curation Start-up.

Mr. Sharath Toopran
Sharath has over five years of Equity Research, Corporate Finance, and Capital Markets experience across a range of sectors, including Media, Telecom, Technology, Clean Tech, and Diversified Industrials (Canaccord Genuity: Toronto).
Sharath is also Co-founder and Head of Business at Transfin. – a Business and Financial News Curation Start-up.

An online photography competition with a socio-economic essence. In an era of budding photographers and scriptwriters, EcoPix provides you with the perfect platform to display your talent.

Recks On A Deck
An event combining general knowledge and strategies to test the presence and the application of minds of the participants.

Register here: http://v.ht/recksonadeck or on the spot

The Rational Resolve
In this event, participants has to put themselves in the shoes of an entrepreneur and experience the fight in an auction…heat on a trading floor…and pressure in a running business…all at once.!!

Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/FyfmdXgJ1mvJRj192 or on the spot.

10 Ka Dum
Yes, you’re thinking right!!
This is a fun game designed to test your knowledge about socio-economic issues with some interesting twists. The whole idea of the event is based on your guessing power which will not only chase up your enthauism but also widen up your practical knowledge of nation’s economy.

Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XsS1MCy4UE9IMTf-v64_V1TQdIv1TpVPIhqGvzgWtrk/ edit or on the spot

In this event, the participants will be shown some pictures on the screen and they have to strike off the correct answers on the ticket provided.

Register here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-Jkamoa9DFtoeYc-T99sq3k3V4lKwM5azkIsUGt09MQ/edit or on the spot

Apart from the events, we will also have our Book launch ‘Arthmanthan 2.0’

Prizes worth Rs. 4 lacs to be won


April 4


Shivaji College