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Panorama, The Film Society of JMC Brings to You the Marvel Cinematic Universe Festival!

March 14


Since Iron Man was released ten years ago, Marvel has rapidly become a household name. From
releasing culturally redefining movies like Black Panther to epic action-packed and heartbreaking
culminations like Infinity War, it seems like Marvel only keeps getting better. And as the MCU
grows, so does our love for it and all the characters that it stands for.

That’s why, to celebrate all things Marvel, Panorama, the Film Society of Jesus and Mary College
brings to you the Marvel Cinematic Universe Festival on the 14th of March, 2019.
Get prepared to immerse yourself in the ultimate marvellous experience, with events and
experiences curated to make even the pickiest fan happy!

First and foremost of course, is the Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz. Set over a series of levels,
each more challenging than the last, the MCU quiz is where participants must battle it out to prove
themselves to be the ultimate marvel fan. So grab the Rhodey to your Tony, the Bucky to your Cap
or even the Ned to your Peter Parker, and show you’ve got what it takes to make it to the top!

If trivia is not your thing but you still use words to make your mark, then we’ve got just the event
for you that even Spiderman’s decathlon team would approve of. In Civil War: A Fandom
Debate, every plot detail and storyline counts. We throw open common marvel debates open to
public discussion, and you’ll have to use persuasion like Loki to convince everyone that its you who
is worthy to lift the prize.

If you want to combine both brain and brawn, then the Quest for Infinity Stones is where its at. In
a journey that started in 2012 and will end in April 2019, join pursuit and save the universe by
collecting all the infinity stones. This treasure hunt event has the elements of childish
inquisitiveness mixed with Marvel twist, and promises to be Hela fun!

Now we also know that not everyone can make it out into the real world. Maybe you’re just trapped
in the mirror dimension or stuck somewhere up the Devil’s Anus, but there’s still online events that
you can be part of!

In Endgame: Final Curtain Raiser, participants must create a graphic poster visualising how its
all going to end in the final battle. Get your creative juices flowing and let us know you’re in it for
the endgame!
Finally, back by popular demand is Marvel Meme Mix. No Fandom works without classic memes.
Be it Tony Stark or Steve Rogers, the meme that can get maximum shares. and likes will surely win
the prize.

Attractive prizes to be won for all the events!

Filled with fun events, food and fandom, its evident that there’s only one place every marvel stan
needs to go to pay homage to our lord and saviour, Stan Lee.

Follow our event page for updates and further details:


March 14


Panorama, The Film Society of JMC


Jesus and Mary College