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MALANG 2016: The Best of Theatre, Dance and Music

March 16, 2016 - March 18, 2016

Event Line Up at LTG

Between 16th and 18th March 2016, the gravitational center of the best of theatre, music and dance will shift to LTG AuditoriumMandi House , New Delhi. Celebrities like Rakesh BediHimani ShivpuriMrityunjay Sharma shall be performing at Malang 2016 – The Performing Arts Festival.

Acclaimed production “Aurangzeb” directed by National School of Drama faculty K S Rajendran, “Draupadi” by The Films and Theatre Society – FTS, a moving dance performance by Sadhya- a unit of performing arts, screening of a thought-provoking movie “Secular” by Doodling Thoughts, extraordinary plays “Bade Bhai Sahab”, “Syaahi” and “Jeevita Chellave” by VAYAM – The Performing Arts Society shall be the highlights of this power-packed event.

Tickets start at just Rs. 100. Book Your Seats Now at:


Event Listing in The Times of India
Malang 2016 – The Performing Arts Festival gets a listing in the event corner of The Times of India among the top events happening in Delhi in the coming week.
Block your seats and enjoy some of the best performances in Theatre,MusicDance and Movies.
Article in The Hindu
Malang 2016 – The Performing Arts Festival is making it to the best of print media platforms. The Hindu writes in detail about the purpose and proceedings of the event.
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LTG 17 March Draupadi by FTS
Directed by Mr. Atul Satya Kaushik, the play brings to life, the powerful mythological character of Draupadi. Featuring Rakesh Bedi and Himani Shivpuri as start performers, the play will mesmerise you till the very end.
Book your tickets now of this top-selling production before it gets sold out.
LTG 18 March Aurangzeb
Directed by Prof. K.S. Rajendran, a well-known faculty and alumnus of National School of Drama, the play is an intricate interplay of historical forces leading to the war of succession. The play features Mahendra Mewati, a renowned actor and theatre practitioner in the main lead. Get your tickets now for this historical masterpiece.
LTG 18 March Bade Bhai Sahab by Vayam
The play is an adaptation of the legendary author Munshi Premchand’s much celebrated work, putting forth a humorous, subtle and heart-touching story of two brothers and the various shades of the relationship between them. Bade Bhai Sahab touches your heartstrings and takes you on the road to nostalgia. The play features Paritosh Tripathi and Kunal Swami in main lead. Watch this play along with the screening of a thought provoking short film ‘Secular’. Book your seats now.
LTG 16 March Piano Recital by Guinness Record
 A magically gripping performance on the journey of human life by a Guinness World Record Holder, Indian composer, song-writer, singer, musician and philanthropist, Mrityunjay Sharma. You do not get many opportunities to catch such celebrated artists perform live. What’s more? You also get to watch a spectacular dance performance by Sadhya Group. All this for Rs. 100. Get your tickets now.
LTG 16 March Chaitanya by Sadhya Group
Led by Santosh Nair, ‘Sadhya’ is a pioneer in contemporary dance and is set to enthrall the audience with its captivating contemporary production ‘Chaitanya’ which brings out the power and potential of human body. Catch them live along with an engrossing piano recital by Guinness World Record Holder, Mrityunjay Sharma.
LTG 17 March Jeevita Chellave by Vayam
‘It is true that things can change in a day.’
‘Jeevita Chellave’ – ‘ The cost of living’ is a play based on the famed author Arundhati Roy’s much acclaimed novel – ‘The God of Small Things’. The unfolding of tragic events in the Ipe family at the hand of the two twins – Estha and Rahel cuts through the clothes of cast, religion, love, insecurities and regrets to reveal the bare bones of humanity and its devastating effects on the innocent twins. Watch the play along with another beautiful and touching production ‘Tauliye’ by Jazba Theatre Group at Rs. 100.
[Malang] 09. Tauliye (1)
The play depicts that no matter how many differences 2 people have in their ideologies, in their upbringing; in their thinking one emotion makes them come closer and binds them forever that is love. Watch this powerful story along with another extraordinary play ‘Jeevita Chellave’ at Rs. 100 only. Book your tickets now:
BMS LTG Post 08 (Secular)
Directed by Rahul Saini, a moving short film on belief and faith which forces you to search your real identity. The audience is captivated with the speechless concept and motivating theme of the movie. Watch this binding production by Doodling Thoughts which features Alakshendra Prabhakar in lead role along with a versatile play ‘Bade Bhai Sahab’.
Malang 2016 – The Performing Arts Festival brings to you an exciting opportunity to flaunt your photography skills: SNAP! SHOT. To participate in the photography competition, send us your best click based on the theme “STREETS” at vayamperformingarts@gmail.com.

Winners get a certificate of recognition, two tickets to attend the shows at LTG Auditorium on 18th March and the winning clicks shall be displayed at LTG Auditorium on the 18th March 2016.
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Malang 2016 – The Performing Arts Festival gives you a fantastic opportunity to express your feelings through the power of your pen. Participate in our poetry competition POETICA and send us your entries on the theme “Spring of Life” at vayamperformingarts@gmail.com. Winners get a certificate of recognition, two tickets to attend the shows at LTG Auditorium on 18th March and the winners shall be invited to recite their poem at LTG Auditorium on the 18th March 2016.

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Malang 2016 – The Performing Arts Festival is taking shape to become a grand event of sorts as it is moving closer to a splendid and remarkable culmination at LTG Auditorium during 16th to 18th March 2016 with performances by Rakesh BediHimani ShivpuriSadhya- a unit of performing artsVAYAM – The Performing Arts SocietyJazba Theatre GroupDoodling Thoughts etc.

Watch our latest teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXGAhqeDVQA


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Little Theatre Group Auditorium
Mandi House
New Delhi,
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