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Love Matters India Launches India’s First 360 / VR (Virtual Reality ) Film to generate awareness on Intimate Partner Violence ( IPV)

June 17, 2017

  • The film titled ‘Kya Yahi Pyar Hai’ aims to break the taboos on controlling relationships among young unmarried couples of all genders in India
  • The launch and screening to take place at Anti Social in Delhi and Mumbai on 17thJune 2017
  • The launch will be preceded by a panel discussion attended by key activists, academicians and bloggers.

Delhi/Mumbai, 17th June 2017: Keeping in tune with its agenda on creating awareness among the youth in the country, Love Matters India is launching its first Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) film in Delhi and Mumbai on the 17th June 2017. The film ‘Kya Yahi Pyar Hai’ will be India’s first virtual reality film which will use interactive technology to narrate a powerful story and connect with young people. The short film has been Co- directed by Gayatri Parameswaran from NoWhereMedia and conceptualized and produced by Love Matters India / RNW Media.


Conceptually, the campaign idea ‘Kya Yahi Pyar hai’ was designed by Love Matters India to generate awareness against controlling relationships that are seen and understood by the young people as caring ones, reiterated by the popular culture.  Intimate Partner Violence or IPV is a type of violence that occurs specifically in unmarried couples in India, mostly directed against women. Social norms are identified as the dominant drivers for IPV in India. However, there is a high level of reluctance from both men and women victims to seek external assistance in dealing with IPV. The campaign’s strategy will contribute towards Love Matters’ impact of ‘Young people claim their right to a respectful, loving, healthy and satisfying relationships’.


Speaking on the above initiative Vithika Yadav, Head of Love Matters India said” The idea of this campaign is to help young people / unmarried couples realize the difference between care and control. Very often controlling behavior is confused as caring behavior by young people. Talk about being possessive, having control over your partner’s choices, whereabouts etc. are some of the very common signs of what could be an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, popular culture often normalizes this controlling behavior as love. By integrating technology creatively in the work we do, we aim to connect more with our young target audience by enabling them to get a realistic immersive experience of what is intimate partner violence. “


Expressing her views on the sensitive subject the Director of the film, Gayatri Parameswaran said, “Intimate partner violence is a very sensitive issue. I feel like almost everyone I know has faced some kind of abuse and control issues in their relationships. I have struggled with it myself. But growing up I really didn’t know where to go to get information or guidance on this. I am so happy that I could do this 360 video campaign for Love Matters. I hope it helps youngsters in identifying abuse in relationships.” 

Further, sharing her experience while making the film, Gayatri Parameswaran said,“Directing this 360/VR experience was challenging on many levels. Firstly, we had to leave the scene every time we hit record because we couldn’t be in the film. In 360, everything is captured. So it helped that we trusted the actor, Arjun, quite a lot. And for him it was difficult too – acting with a camera as your opposing character, isn’t easy! But I’m glad about how it has all shaped up.” 

As part of this campaign Love Matters India has partnered with Social Offline in Delhi and Mumbai, a chain of pubs/ restaurants, to install 360 film viewing booth with VR headsets. The Delhi Metro will also have film viewing booths set up across 10 metro stations in Delhi for 10 days. The launch will be kickstarted by a Panel discussion on the topic “Control and Care in popular Culture in India” followed by the screening of the film.


About Love Matters:


Love Matters is a global multimedia project engaging young people to talk about love, sex and relationships, with a presence in 5 countries around the world: India, Kenya, China, Latin America (Mexico and Venezuela) and Egypt. Love Matters believes love, sex and relationships should be a right, a choice, and a pleasure. The first step towards making this possible and having an impact on young people’s lives is offering access to information. LM India is the first bilingual sexual reproductive health (SRH) site to offer comprehensive youth-friendly information in English and Hindi. Since the launch of the bilingual site on January 14, 2014, it has had over 20 million yearly visitors, and has the current website monthly reach of 2 million visitors. Their Facebook community has a following of more than one million making it the most popular sexual health Facebook page in India.


June 17, 2017


Love Matters India


Anti Social Diner
Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi,
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