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Kairos: Poetry Slam and Open Mic at LSR

March 22, 2018 @ 11:30 am


The greek philosopher, Heraclitus, widely known for his theory of flow, that life is flow, everything in the world flows, beautifully, like a river, only if we let things flow, and stop trying to control everything that we cannot control, famously quoted:

“You cannot step into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and you are not the same person.”

It a deep human tendency, that is fighting change, that is scared of change, that does not want change, in any way. We hold on to familiarity, even if it is vicious, even if we are unhappy.

We are not more powerful than this universe, we are never going to control it. We might as well flow beautifully, embrace the new, embrace changes, embrace the eeriness of flying time. Because that is the only constant in this world, that we all can hold on to.

(In italics) Kairos is a greek word meaning time. One thing we can never find compensation for in life, is time.
Time changes. Time changes quickly. And Change is the Only Constant.
Sign-Up Link: https://goo.gl/f4u9FG

Featured Performer: Avnika Gupta

“Change slips into the edges of our being, and pretends to co-exist with everything we thought was our only constant, until we lose the distinction between all we establish and all we experience, all we cling on and all we let go of, all we fear and all we hope for, all we are and all we become.”

Avnika Gupta uses spoken word to remind herself to wake up and be the goddess of quirk that she has been warned against.
Painting platforms like Berlin ArtParasites, Thought Catalog, JLF & TTT, with her seamless senseless thoughts, she believes her utterly flawed voice needs to reach out to each corner of the world that is being perfected a little too much.
Registration closes on March 19, 2018. sharp at midnight.

About the Society:
‘Dhy?na’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘dhy?i’, which means to think of. In the Yogic parlance, the word means to concentrate on one point so as to know the truth behind it. The ethos of Dhy?na, therefore, is evenness and uniformity in vision. It can be expression, imagination, conception or a mere thought; all of them harping on the versatile yet concerted quest for knowledge. This path, however, is like taking small steps, which come to us as our environment, perception of the surroundings and constant interaction with our world.

Dhy?na as a society for consciousness and awareness attempts to create an ethos of collective reflection, exploring new alternatives and re-interpreting our past, present and future by bringing out our analytical self. We are a society dedicated to revising the concept of education, to focusing the mind into thought, and thought into awareness.The aim is to go beyond textbook learning and theories, and explore the world around us. The society seeks to build an understanding among young minds about the persisting social realities of our times. It encourages students to examine the vast variety of stances on each topic with a fine toothcomb.

Our aim is not to offer simple solutions to compare problems or to fix easy scapegoats to bear the brunt of ancient wrongs. Our attempt is to understand the psyche of a people, trapped in their geography, history and politics. Thus we create a space where young, committed minds can meet, where ideas can be expressed, where the clues are provided not on ‘what’ to think about, but on ‘how’ to think. The one element common to all of the society’s ventures has been knowledge. Dhy?na recognizes the importance of the right to and the duty towards knowledge, knowledge of self and of our environment. Only acquisition of knowledge can stimulate the mind and direct it towards the essential questions.
Host: Sharmishtha Samal

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Look forward to having you with us!


March 22, 2018
11:30 am
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Lady Shri Ram College