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ink on hand

Seven most irritating things only left handed people would know!

For most of us out here, our right hand is of prime importance and left hand is a supporting one. However, not many but a significant number of people around are the...

over protective

The 5 types of brothers that we know

It’s Raksha Bandhan! A day sisters celebrate their brothers (usually from the same mother) and the special bond they share with them. Here are five types of brothers...

ross mon1

Rakhi special: 6 best on screen brother sister duos

1) ROSS-MONICA(David Schimmer-Courteney Cox) in the American sitcom FRIENDS One of the oldest brother-sister pairs that our generation has witnessed, Ross and Monica...


Ten Bollywood movies to watch with your friends this ‘Friendship Day’

Coming almost halfway through the Delhi monsoon, there comes an occasion which has been trending amongst the youth for a while now. A day, to remind all your fellow...

Alternative taglines for social media giants

Here’s what the taglines of some social media platforms and apps should have been…if they were being honest!    


Ten ways to spend your travel time in Delhi metro

Amid the tall buildings, chasing cars and hustle and bustle of the city of New Delhi, the Delhi metro has become rather, what we call the lifeline of the city. As...

ten food joints

Ten food joints that DU freshers must visit

Lots of food joints around but confused as to where to head first? To a place which would be light on your pocket and serve food as delicious as would bombard your...


5 things a fresher shouldn’t expect out of DU

The new session is right around the corner. Several DU aspirants are waiting to see what their much-awaited college life will be like. College will definitely bring...


Volunteering for animal shelters: Because they deserve more than compassion

Are you an animal lover? Do you get overwhelmed with ‘love’ when you see a puppy and ‘sorrow’ when you see a stray dog roaming the streets...


Top 5 most clichéd and over used holi songs from Bollywood

It is the end of Dilli’s bone-chilling winters and the beginning of the chubti-jalti garmi, and yes, Holi hai! The great Indian festival of colours is back with a...