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Jaane Tu, Ya Jaane Na?

Newspapers, television and movies might have often flaunted the DU stereotype but we tell you the truth behind all the misconceptions. Don't be a fool, just be cool.

The Black Face Of The Economy

Not as black as it seems… Economic slowdown? There’s no such thing, not in India at least. While the world’s financial leaders sat amidst the ruins of their...

Rape: A love story

The very provocative yet intriguingly contradictory title of Joyce Carol Oates’s book grabs eyeballs. I profess this is what made me pick up this one fifty page book...

Review: Facebook

Let haggling after university courses becomes a thing of the past. With social networking sites ruling the roost, let’s explore the most hankered after course these...

Cut Offs – 2009

The suspense is finally over as Delhi University released its first cut off list this Thursday

Fact File : Courses of DU reviewed

Courses of DU reviewed by students

Teachers answer your course-related queries

Which course to take? On what basis do students select a course? What avenues are open after doing a particular course? A thousand questions clutter and mutter angrily...

Stress Amma answers all your FAQs!

Frequently asked questions regarding the DU admissions

New admission  for 2013  at delhi university photo by Tribhuvan Tiwari 17/06/2013

10 Tips to survive the college hunt

1) DU is the modern day alternative to the Kumbh ka mela, so carry a map with you at all times. 2) A water bottle’s an absolute necessity unless you want to pass out...

HUMOURSCOPE : Horoscope and Admissions with a twist!

Aries (March 21 – April 20): Very soon your Facebook status message will say “Made it to SRCC!!” – Lucky for you your friends don’t know that your...