Vijeata Balani

A soon-to-be third year Commerce student at Jesus and Mary College. Can be found browsing quizzes on Slideshare or re-reading the Harry Potter series for the nth time. To discuss the insipidness of life or if in need of any assistance, drop a "hi" at (fun facts and interesting leads are always appreciated)


Lessons from My Social Media Sabbatical

A small break taken from all social media platforms during examinations taught me a valuable lesson- that social media platforms are branding and marketing tools that...

Woman smile with a perfect white teeth in winter with the beach in the background

Auburn Umbrella – How You Can Take Care of Your Hair This Winter

Even though you love the way the cold winter winds play with your hair, they can leave your hair dry, rough, and frizzled. Winter winds lack moisture and if your hair is...


A Recap of the Past Semester in Photos

Odd semesters usually start with a burst of energy, (which is visible in the first week only) and give hope to many as a means to seek redemption for the erroneous...


Tracing the History of CAT Race

As 2.3 lakh students appeared for the gruelling CAT exam today, we trace the history of its incongruous nature, the criticisms and controversies that surround it, and...


Criticism and Controversies Around the Nobel Prizes

Since 1901, mankind has developed a particular fascination with the Nobel prizes, and justifiably so. The honour immortalises the awardees and guarantees recognition for...


President of India arrives as the Chief Guest in Jesus and Mary College

The President, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, graced Jesus and Mary College and inaugurated its Golden Jubilee celebration today. The Honourable President of India, Shri Ram Nath...