Anagha Rakta

Head of Web at DU Beat (2017-18), and a passionate writer from Miranda House, with a sweet tooth and a funny bone.


The Glorious 100 Years of Ramjas College

A glimpse is obviously not enough to gorge on the rich history of the college, but Ramjas College’s Grand Centennial Celebration is right around the corner as they...


The Five Kinds of People You Should Avoid During Exams – For the Better!

Here’s a list of five kinds of people that you should get rid of (effective immediately) and not feel guilty about doing so! Exam time is a difficult time in any...


7 snacks you can munch on while studying!

Students often have tendencies to either eat too much or too little during exams – with no good done. So, it  is important to know what kind of food  keeps the body...


Five reasons why the Day After Diwali will make you want to cry

The bright lights, scrumptious food and the beautiful decorations, all come crumbling down as soon as we wake up the next day after Diwali and have the very common...


5 Best Poetry Slam Performances on YouTube

The modern spoken word in the form of poetry slam is fresh and beautiful and hence, we compiled a list of the best performances of the verse on YouTube. Of all the...

Ghar ka Khaana

5 restaurants to go to when you miss ‘ghar ka khaana’

Feeling nostalgic because you are not home this festive season? Fret not; we bring you a few restaurants that are almost as good – if not better – than ‘ghar ka...