The Beauty of Young Love

Young Love is naïve, innocent, and intense. It is one of the most sincere feelings a person experiences. It is time we acknowledged the beauty of young love and incorporate it into our lives.

We have all been caught in the throngs of having a massive crush, which inexplicably ended up becoming teenage love if our feelings were reciprocated. Teenage love is the sweetest of joys and its beauty comes from the lack of wariness that both individuals have. This innocent form of love that we experience when we are 14 or 15 lasts for a short while. Time hardens most of us, our idealism and unconditional faith in love go out of the window post our first heartbreak. Caution, over-thinking, and insecurities seep into our behaviour until we forget what it is like to love someone wholly and unconditionally.

As we step into college, most of us are burdened with commitment issues. We try not to fall for someone too soon and too hard. Breakups, disappointments, and popular culture have made us afraid of love. We are afraid of things falling apart before they even start, we write people off without giving them a chance, and we have caged our hearts as if they were fragile pieces of intricate glass.

Nat Cole King once crooned, “The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” His words continue to be as true today as they ever were. We are prudent when it comes to love and it is causing us nothing but pain. To close off our hearts to most natural of human instincts of loving and forming bonds is dangerous and hurtful.

Image Credits: Karen Rozetsky

Image Credits: Karen Rozetsky

The beauty of young love stems from the fact that even though it is largely used in the context of teenagers, it isn’t limited to them. Young love can happen in the final year of college when you’re desperately looking for it or when you are 45 and you aren’t. We cannot make ourselves fall in love with another person. However, we can only make sure that we don’t close off our heart when we meet the right one. Sure, this method might lead to a fair share of heartbreaks, but that does not make it any less worth it. Perhaps it will last forever, perhaps it won’t. There is no effective way to predict anything. A love story is no less beautiful than one that lasts a lifetime. After all, spring is beautiful, even if just lasts a season.

Image Credits- Karen Rozetsky

Image Credits- Karen Rozetsky

It is high time we stop camouflaging our emotions or second-guessing the intentions of others. We are too cautious, too careful, and too wary. We fear love rather than seek it and it is costing us our happiness. Perhaps it is time to throw caution out of the window and fall head over heels in love. Perhaps it is time we loved without worrying about where things would go. Like they say, the heart wants, what the heart wants.


Feature Image Credits: Karen Rozetsky
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