Stanza Living_ Introducing Community Living in India

Stanza Living: Introducing Community Living in India

Stanza Living is a pioneer in student accommodation that allows students to co-exist in a space that offers good company, comfortable facilities, and a space to grow holistically.
A community is a social group of people, who have something in common and co-exist with harmony and peace. Communities have existed over centuries to offer human beings companionship and comfort. India has always been a kind of society where emphasis has been laid on togetherness. Community living in the world of student accommodation is, however, quite an alien concept in our country. To live in a new city, to dive into the unknown, is a thought that can intimidate even the strongest amongst us. Till date, living away from home means living in a hostel or paying guest accommodation which offered shelter, but not the basic joy of living in a closely knit community.  Therefore, Indian students find living away from home usually very difficult.
And this scenario is what Stanza Living has been trying to change. While other PGs look to build more and more rooms and beds, attempting to fit as many people as they can to maximize their profits, Stanza Living creates a space that doesn’t just offer shelter, but forges a feeling of community through shared living and shared experiences. By creating recreational centers and spaces where people can sit, talk, engage, discuss, connect and participate in community events, they give their residents the opportunity to experience something new altogether. What Stanza attempts to create is a well thought and structured plan that notes the finer nuances of daily life and routine of a college student, analyzes and understands their needs, and then attempts to fulfill the required needs to the best of their abilities.
College is the time when bonding is of utmost important. We are on the lookout for new friends, with whom we can laugh, eat and share our joys and sorrows. However, most students lack a space where they can “chill” with their peers. The shortage of interactive spaces makes it difficult for the residents to come together to create memories.
Stanza realizes the importance of community in our physical and emotional well-being and has subsequently created Stanza Social, which allows residents to bond over movies, game nights, birthday parties, and other fun events.
Stanza Springboard is another unique feature of Stanza Living that is groundbreaking in its approach towards community living. As students interact with alumni, learn soft skills, participate in workshops, and counselling sessions, their future prospects automatically improve. Residents not only get to make the very best of college life, but also get guidance and support that makes them career ready.
The idea behind Stanza Living is not just curtailed to the rooms that they offer. Its biggest asset is in the way it treats its residents and creates a space that is truly a boon for them. From a community living perspective, Stanza Living offers the space, resources, activities, and learning opportunities that truly result in better living standards. This wholesome experience that does not just offer housing, but an entire lifestyle, and access to a community of like-minded individuals is all you need to make the best of your college life while laying the foundation for your future.

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