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Of C++ and Java-, Studying Computer Science Honours in University of Delhi

“Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn”. -Steve Jobs

The Department of Computer Science of University of Delhi offers a three year B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science programme. The University of Delhi website says that the programme provides rigorous foundations of the concepts of Computer Science and Information Technology. The students are provided with an opportunity in their final year to do a project work. The aim is to train the students to adapt to the constantly changing technology. This course provides an input for higher degree academic programmes in computer science.

Trend of Previous Cut-offs

For the General or Unreserved category, the highest cut-off percentage in 2017 for the undergraduate course was 98%, to 93% by the last cut-off list. The range of cut-off for the OBC category was 96.25% – 86%. The highest percentage for the SC and ST category was 95% and 93 % which later plunged to 74% and 70% respectively.

Core papers

  Semester 1 1) Programming fundamentals using C++,2) Programming fundamentals using C++ Lab

3) Computer system architecture

4) Computer system architecture Lab

  Semester 2 1) Programming in Java2) Programming in Java Lab

3) Discrete structures

4) Discrete structures Tutorial

 Semester 3 1) Data Structures2) Data Structures Lab

3) Operating Systems

4) Operating Systems Lab

5) Computer Networks

6) Computer Networks Lab

Semester 4 1) Design and Analysis of Algorithms2) Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab

3) Software Engineering

4) Software Engineering Lab

5) Database Management Systems

6) Database Management Systems Lab

Semester 5 1) Internet Technologies2) Internet Technologies Lab

3) Theory of Computation

4) Theory of Computation Tutorial

Semester 6 1) Artificial Intelligence2) Artificial Intelligence Lab

3) Computer Graphics

4) Computer Graphics Lab


General Elective Papers

Generic elective course (GEC) is the inter-disciplinary course where students are required to choose any subject other than the core subject for the first four semesters. The subject is not offered by the Computer Science department and the number of subjects may vary from college to college. The General Elective subject can be changed in any semester.

Skill Enhancement Course

In the third and fourth semester, papers of SEC (Skill Enhancement Course) are offered by the University. Android Programming and PHP Programming are offered to the students. The official website says that the college may even include more option in the list.

Discipline Specific Elective

Elective courses offered by the main discipline/subject of study are referred to as Discipline Specific Elective (DSE). The University may also offer discipline related Elective courses of interdisciplinary nature (to be offered by main discipline/subject of study). The subjects offered are:

DSE 1 a) System Programmingb) Numerical Methods

c) Operational Research for Computer Science

DSE 2 a) Microprocessorb) Modeling and Simulation

c) Advanced Algorithms

DSE 3 a) Machine Learningb) Introduction to Data Sciences

c) Combinatorial Optimization

DSE 4 a) Digital Image Processingb) Data Mining

c) Project Work / Dissertation


Career Options

The graduates from this course have various options available to them once they complete their 3 years. For example: Software engineer, User experience designer, Usability engineer, System analyst, Technical analyst, Security expert, Security analysis, Data Scientist, Business analysis, Business intelligence analysts, Software developer, System support manager, Software administrator, IT consultant, IT developer, Database administrator, Network support executive, Internet developer, Project manager, Web master, Analyst programmer, Web designer, and Network analyst.


Colleges that offer Computer Science (Hons)

20 colleges offer the undergraduate course including College of Vocational Studies, Dayal Singh College, Hans Raj College, Indraprastha College for Women, P.G.D.A.V College, and Kalindi College among others.

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