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ECA profile: Fine Arts

A large number of colleges across the University of Delhi offer ECA quotas in the Fine Arts category. Read on to know more about the procedure and trials. 

For applicants applying under the ECA category, the best place to be informed is the University Website, College websites and college notice boards which will notify the number of seats available, the list of students selected from the ECA trials. However, admission into a college only depends upon the availability of seats in that particular college and is not subject to clearing the Final Trials.

General Guidelines

Here are the general guidelines for the students applying under the ECA category:

  1. The applicants are required to apply separately under the ECA category under the UG admissions portal for an additional fee of Rs. 100/ (per event).
  2. The applicants are required to upload only one certificate (preferably the highest achievement one) issued after May 1, 2015, to April 30, 2018, in each activity, they wish to apply for as a proof of their involvement in the relevant activity.
  3. Trials will be held at two levels: (i) Preliminary trials (ii) Final Trials. The dates for the same will be notified on the University and College websites as well as the College notice boards.
  4. The applicant shall be allowed to appear in the preliminary trials only once in an event.
  5. Not more than 15% concession/relaxation in academic merit vis-à-vis UR category applicants (for the last relevant cut-off) may be given for admission to specific programmes (subject to the minimum eligibility of the programme).
  6. Weightage in the final trials will be given to the trials and certificates in the following ratio: Trials: 75%, Certificates: 25%. The Certificates are verified by the ECA committee of the college.  
  7. The applicant must secure at least 50% marks in the final trials (38 out of 75) to be eligible for the final list of selected candidates
  8. All students should carry a copy of their application registration form as well as their certificates which they would have to submit in the venue of the trials.  
  9. The trials for admission under the ECA category shall be the conducted by an ECA committee (Admissions) appointed by the University Admission Committee.
  10. The ECA category student automatically becomes a permanent member of the corresponding college society and their admission depends upon their continued membership to that society.  Some colleges might take it in writing while others might assume that it is understood.

Colleges offering ECA quota in Fine Arts

38 colleges are offering ECA quotas in Sketching and Painting including Kirori Mal college, Maitreyi, Ramjas, Miranda House and Sri Venkateshwara College. 11 colleges are offering ECA quotas in Sculpture including Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College (ARSD), Miranda House, Lady Shri Ram College for Women and Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. A more comprehensive list can be found in the official bulletin of information for admission into UG programmes, 2018-19


The trials

The Preliminary round of the trials will be conducted on 17th and 18th June while the final round will be held on the 29th of June; the trials, both preliminary and final will begin 9:00 AM onwards and will be held at Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College (ARSD).  There are two categories that are, Sketching and Painting, and Sculpture which will provide ECA quotas this year. For the prelims, the venues will be notified on the University website well in advance. After the prelims, in a day or two, the colleges come out with the list of students qualifying to the next round. Smile Garg, a 3rd year English honours student at Miranda House says, “In the finals, you get two topics on an average and out of these two topics, you chose one to draw, paint, sketch or do your skill. The artwork will marked out of 75 marks and would be updated on your DU portal. You’ll also get your certificate marks out of 25 before your final trials.”

The counselling sessions are the sessions where ECA candidates scour different colleges where they wish to apply after the declaration of the final merit list. “In the various colleges, you submit your application, submit all the required details along with your ECA trial marks which is a printout of your portal. After the two days of counselling, you will get a selected student list from various colleges which is either uploaded on the DU website or the college website. In my case, first of all, Kamla Nehru declared its cut off, then Daulat Ram did, then Ramjas and then Miranda did. You’re selected in a number of colleges as per your merit. Ramjas college also held a second counselling apart from the two registered counselling sessions,” says Ms Garg.

Speaking about her personal experience at the ECA trials, Ms Garg said, “The prelims happened quite smoothly. My creative writing and painting finals were on the same day and I didn’t know I had been selected in both because the DU website crashed down. So I reached the painting finals late not knowing whether or not I had been selected. The people there however very nicely let me work despite being an hour late. I scored 69 out of 75. It’s very much like how we give exams. You’re seated on tables. If you’re doing rangoli you can do it on the floor although many people did it on the floor itself. The staff and the student volunteers at the venue are very friendly. They give you freedom of choice while making your work. So the whole experience was challenging but very exciting.”

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