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A Review of Amazon Prime’s Pushpavalli

Pushpavalli is a brilliant and witty show that is so hilarious that it will leave you gasping for breath – only before you realise that it is not funny at all.

Sumukhi Suresh does an admirable job in playing the titular role of Pushpavalli.  Pushpavalli (literally means a creeper) is intelligent and independent. So, when she develops a fixation for the charming and handsome Nikhil Rao, it only seems extrememly strange. This is rendered even stranger by the fact that she initially did not like Nikhil and got his number only because her friend wanted it. However, a friendship develops between Nikhil and her in a couple of days.

When Nikhil has to go back to Bangalore, the only logical step according to her is to give up her life and move there too. Of course, she denies this fact to everyone around her and maybe to herself too. When once in Mumbai she stalks Nikhil and even employs the tea vendor in front of his office to help her in her pursuit. This all seems quite hilarious as you assume that in two or three days she will realise that her actions are wrong. But, Pushpavalli is a creepy by not only her name but also through her actions. Even before you realise it, the show develops a very dark shade.

Sumukhi Suresh needs to be praised for portraying a character who is a compulsive liar. She has to distort even the simplest of all situations and to turn them very complex.  The rest of the cast is also very funny and leaves you with tears rolling down your eyes. Naveen Richards plays the angry boss and a friend of Pushpavalli. Ex- RJ Shraddha plays the role of an overbearing landlady, and there is also a special appearance by Kenny Sebastian.

I will suggest this web series to all those who are into India-based web series. This is something new and very fresh. It only asserts the fact that Indian web series are all up for exploring new areas.  You will not find even a sing dull moment in the span of eight episodes.

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