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Auburn Umbrella – How You Can Take Care of Your Hair This Winter

Even though you love the way the cold winter winds play with your hair, they can leave your hair dry, rough, and frizzled. Winter winds lack moisture and if your hair is not properly nourished on time, it can lead to permanent damage. Follow these tips to take care of your hair this winter season:


During the winters, your hair requires oiling at least once or twice a week. Without the oil nourishment, your hair can develop dandruff which can even lead to scalp irritation. Massaging with coconut or olive oil works best for all kinds of hair. In case you have developed dandruff, the best way to nourish your scalp is by mixing coconut oil with lemon juice. Apply the mixture from roots to the tips for best results.

Warm Water:

While washing your head, use lukewarm water and not hot water as it strips off the scalp from its natural oils. Hot water dehydrates the hair and scalp severely which leads to frizzy and dull-looking hair.


During winters, a conditioner after shampooing is a must. Start applying the conditioner from the mid-lengths to the roots, concentrating mostly on the roots as that is generally the most damaged part of a person’s hair. The conditioner locks in the moisture and makes your hair smooth and shiny. A leave-on serum after squeezing the hair carefully with the towel is a must-do, as it prevents the hair from becoming static.


Blow-drying your hair during winters can lead to permanent hair damage. To counter this, try air-drying. However, if there is no other way other than using your dryer, dry your hair on a cooler mode. Drying them at the least hot temperature prevents it from becoming frizzy and dull.

Making extra efforts to take care of your hair does not take long and can go a long way in keeping it healthy and shiny.

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