To get started, place your camera on a tripod and focus the lens to infinity. You'll want to use a cable release to eliminate camera shake of any kind, as it will ruin your photo. Set the camera to B "Bulb" shooting mode and set your aperture between f/2.8 - f/4 for optimal results. Depress the remote to open the shutter. The main thing to keep in mind while deciding on the correct exposure is how to capture both the shadows as well as the highlights. If you are successful in obtaining the right shadows, you will be able to produce an excellent night scene that will win you compliments. When taking long exposures, the key is to keep the shutter open only long enough for the desired effect. If you keep the shutter open too long, you’ll lose the details in whatever light source is illuminating your subject, and you might even lose the ability to identify what the subject is. When trying to create a light trail, the shutter should be open for at least one second, and therefore requires a tripod. Use shutter priority mode and start with one second shutter speed and see what the result is. If the trail is too short, add two seconds, and then keep adding 2 seconds until you get the lighting effect that you want. If there is too much blur, then your shutter was open too long, and you need to dial it back down maybe a full second.

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