Errors in evaluation of CBSE Class 12 results lead to an unprecedented rise in re-evaluation applications

After a flurry of court orders, shifting timelines, and adapting new policies, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the Class 12 Board examination results on May 28th, 2017, after a delay of about a week. Following the release of the much-anticipated results, the Board opened the application for verification of marks and subsequent re-evaluation procedure. Every year, this procedure commences to ensure that all queries with regards to the distribution of marks are satisfactorily met. This year, the Board has been flooded with an unprecedented number of applications for the same.

Cases of students who had applied for this process and had their marks substantially increased are making the rounds. According to The Times of India, one student who managed to score 42 in her Mathematics exam received a 90 after undergoing the verification procedure. Similar boosts were also witnessed in other cases, as a student jumped from 68 to 95 marks. Another student who was shown to secure 9 marks cleared the exam after the marks were revised to 45. Last year, a student had received 85 in the answer sheet, which were increased to 98 marks after the re-evaluation procedure.

A CBSE official admitted the shortcomings in this year’s evaluation procedure. The errors can be attributed to a range of reasons; including the supplementary sheets getting detached, incorrect transfer of marks to the first page by the examiner, incorrect tallying of marks by the Board. The number of applications have thus, seen an unprecedented rise.

Currently, the Board only allows students to pursue verification of marks. For further re-evaluation, a student must approach the Court for the Board to consider his/her grievances. Such a cumbersome process often discourages students from undertaking the elaborate steps, thus, they conform to their erroneous marks even when they deserved more.

Moreover, the Class 12th marks are an integral component for applications under the University of Delhi. The verification of marks procedure often takes weeks before the student is informed of a change in marks. The registration process for the merit-based courses under the University of Delhi closed on June 13th, 2017, until which many candidates had not received the re-evaluation results of their Board scores. Such a disparity in time also often discourages the students from committing to the verification procedure.

A DU-aspirant who recently passed her 12th exams says, “It is extremely troublesome how the Board refuses to accept the answer books for re-evaluation, when there exists a blatant error in evaluation of marks. In my Economics paper, the examiner has marked three 6 marker questions wrong, out of which 2 are numericals. According to the answer key, these three questions are absolutely correct, considering there is no scope of doubt when it comes to the evaluation of numericals. Now they refuse to award me 18 marks which I clearly deserve. The undertaking we have signed prohibits us from pursuing this issue any further.”

“I have scored fairly good marks in all other subjects, but the marks in this paper will hamper my admission into a decent DU college”, she said.

Such drastic revisions hint towards a flaw in the functioning of the academic setup, with many claiming this to be a major bungle on CBSE’s part. Students are compelled to question the credibility of the marks awarded by one of the largest academic Board of the country. The underestimation of marks also negatively affects students’ morale and future college selection prospects.


Feature Image Credits: Hindustan Times


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